Regular readers will know about the story of my knee and (successful) acupuncture. They will also know about our work with animals in need. Well, chasing after a dog trying to catch it, I fell down a bank and twisted my knee and hip. Two weeks on and the hip was fine but the knee, whilst still fully functional, was painful, so back to the acupuncturist and after two sessions the pain is so much better and he hopes it will be gone with the third session. Incidentally I have a large bunion on my foot which my doctor says if not painful don’t operate – but buy a bigger shoe!!! Well the acupuncturist asked if I would like the bunion treated saying he could not completely ‘remove’ it but could make it smaller. “Yes”, I said and without doubt it is smaller. I am definitely an acupuncture convert – how and why it works I have no idea, but for me, it has worked!

Everything is well at the Rainbow house – 4 dogs, cats, fish and terrapins all seem well, if not tired of the extreme heat. We feed the garden birds and have two love birds coming in to eat – probably escaped from somewhere, or just let go and as yet have not been enticed into a cage. The garden is in its usual summer state – not much growing and trying to hang in with the heat and little water.  Native plants in the ground get no additional water, but pots and specials get a really good deep root soaking once a week –  I think that is better than the daily spray most gardens seem to get.

TV News

With probably most people now using internet TV we have been getting a series of complaints about reception. We know our TV service is running fine, but for internet TV you are reliant on two services – your TV company and your internet supplier. There seem to have been two types of problems.

Firstly, along the coastal strip where, as every year, the population increases five fold in August and ALL the services get overloaded which has caused some issues. We can understand the internet companies not investing in equipment to cope just for a six week period, but we wish they could find a way to keep their all year round clients on a good level of service in July and August. Holiday makers can have ‘what’s left’, but all-year clients are their main income. Look after them! 

Secondly, one of the major internet providers out west of the region has been sold to a Madrid conglomerate who seem only interested in making a buck. Service has simply disappeared – all calls go to a Madrid call centre whose operators seem to know nothing about internet with emails being handled by the same centre.  It really seems they are only interested in towns and cities where they have many subscribers and the country dwellers in the rural locations are suffering with poor service.

Anyone in this situation contact us for some options – many have successfully swapped to 4G internet and the STARLINK system is also operational. This satellite system (working but not yet fully operational) guarantees 100MBS and two clients using it are watching TV absolutely fine. It is not cheap, but it will come down in price over time as more people sign up and is an option for any Spanish location (eventually any worldwide location). There are some 5000 satellites in low orbit for this system with 50,000 planned. Love him or hate him you have to admire the technology Elon Musk brings. Many say STARLINK will be more popular than fibre! Watch this space!

Have you just moved to Spain or thinking of doing so? UK TV reception can be a bit of a minefield and although I often hear “We did not come here for TV”, it really is an essential for most. Winters are not all sunshine and it does get dark at 6pm – TV is a winter essential for living in Spain.

Of course social media has all the answers and as ever, ask a question and get 10 different answers! However, really it is best to ask the experts in whichever field you are trying to get an answer for. Rainbow Satellites have been here in southern Spain for some 23 years. We really do know television systems inside out. Social media does give us our daily smile for all the ‘experts’ there are in this field – and every other field. Ask social media, but also ask the experts.

That’s it for September – another edition in October 2022.

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