Rainbow Satellites hope all our readers are well and enjoying the summer – be that in the hotter than ever Spain, (well it seems like it, but then I think I say the same every year!), or the mixed weather in the UK or wherever you are. Things at the Rainbow household plod along – not a lot of action in the heat, but then not much happens in the garden in the summer. The dogs sleep all day and play all night. That is a habit we should all learn! Regular readers will know we have a pond with many fish (and frogs and a snake!), but in a week last month we lost all the fish; many had been with us years. We could not find a reason until we remembered we had a notice about the council spraying for mosquito control and wondered if the council had ‘targeted water deposits’ from aerial photos. We probably shall never know for sure. Anyway pond emptied, knee deep in sludge, a good clean and refill, new pump and filter fitted, restock the plants, test the water to ensure it’s a healthy environment for fish. Within a day of refilling, frogs had returned! Next notice from council and pond will get a cover.

No foster dogs at the moment, but I am sure we will be reporting on one soon.

TV News

We are at the lowest level of the reduced summer satellite signals that happen every year and many of you are suffering channel loss and recording issues on FREESAT recording boxes. Really nothing can be done except get a bigger dish which is a bit drastic for a few summer months. Signals will start to get stronger at the end of August and be at the winter levels by October, but as we say every year, they never get back to the last winter’s levels – one of the reasons we say UK TV by satellite in Spain has a limited life.

If you have a satellite system that gives you all you want, just hang in there until your viewing is reduced to an unacceptable level for you. We would not recommend any new satellite systems as the cost is high for the huge dishes needed and, as we say, the life is limited.

There are alternatives to watching TV and the way forward is internet TV. Any viewers who take notice of the broadcasters information bulletins will have noted that their internet version of viewing (Iplayer, ITVhub, etc) are always offered as an alternative way to view – sometimes now the primary way and to the point that next week’s episode of a series is online now – BEFORE it has been officially broadcast, or indeed the whole series. This is to get all viewers to move away from traditional methods of viewing – Antenna/Satellite – and onto the internet as this, in not so many years, will be the only way to view.

We know that many of you have had awful experiences of internet TV from being the early ‘guinea pigs’ to having really bad internet supplies. However, times have changed and it really is the future and will be the only way in a few years. We suggest a free no-obligation demonstration and the loan of an internet TV box for a week to really see what it is all about. You will need good internet and some of the providers are not up to speed, but Rainbow know who is and who isn’t. Getting internet installed? Ask us for the inside information – we have TV systems with clients on EVERY available internet supplier. We really do know which ones work really well, which ones are ‘OK’ and who is really behind in the game. The internet TV systems do sometimes have problems – of course they (we!) do – but I can say this in absolute honesty – 95% of internet TV viewing issues turn out to be an internet issue and NOT a TV system issue.

That’s it for September – another edition in October 2020. (October? Yes 9 months of 2020 gone – just 3 months until 2021!)
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