Writing this in mid-September to meet printer’s deadlines “It ain’t ‘arf ‘ot!” We are on a weekend away in Valencia and afternoon temperatures are hitting 37ºC – just too hot to walk around sightseeing – so early mornings and evenings out – afternoons in the hotel watching TV (or writing newsletters!). It would ‘normally’ be pleasant temperatures heading to autumn. Is this a ‘one off’, (that certainly does happen), or global warming and going to be the normal. Only time will tell.  

Everything else is fine in the Rainbow Satellites household. We are desperately trying to keep plants alive that probably would have had a good rain soaking by now, dogs fed up with the heat and sleeping all day, but for regular readers, my acupuncture for my knee seems to be keeping pain at bay. Those regular readers will also know that we await our electric bill having given the air conditioning units a really good August run – more on that next month.


A small item that got me thinking about the future of TV is an often featured item on ITV. I have often written about all the channels heavily promoting their internet versions rather than their regular antenna or satellite versions and have predicted the demise of these transmission methods in the not-too-distant future (once everyone can get relatively decent internet and both Starlink and 4G will ensure that soon), then regular antenna transmission frequencies will be sold to the mobile phone companies (and that will improve mobile phone reception and make new technologies possible and the satellite system will be at the end of its life).

Pulling the story back to ITV – they are promoting watching their content on advert-free platforms such as Britbox and ITV HUB. These platforms are internet-based, further promoting the internet-only transmission outlined above, but perhaps more importantly, they seem to be saying none of us like adverts and prefer to watch without, but adverts are their main income – it is how they survive. What are their advertisers saying about these promotions? Are ITV looking at a subscription-only service in the future? There is only one other TV company that does that and that is the BBC – we can call the TV licence whatever we want, but it is a subscription to watch the BBC. Will ITV go that way? It will not be a legal requirement – it would be optional, but maybe in the future you will only get ITV if you pay and it will be advert-free. Even SKY is not like that – they are subscription AND advertising. We do not know the future and will not be privy to companies’ future plans and can only put our interpretation on snippets of information, but in this case, why would you promote a service that will eventually kill your source of income?

Going back to internet TV – have you had a bad experience with this form of transmission which is really in its infancy? There were many such experiences to be had in the early days, (and still are!), but things have improved along with internet quality. Rainbow Satellites (maybe we will have to rethink that name soon!) are, to our knowledge, the only provider to offer a free no-obligation in-home demonstration and the loan of a box for a week so that you can really fully assess the system before you make a decision to buy. If at the end of the week you don’t want the system, we will just take it away; but give it a try if you have had a previous bad experience or never tried internet TV. Contact us for an appointment. Also contact Rainbow Satellites for any TV/Radio problems you may have – advice is free! We can help most nationalities on most transmission platforms.

Well that’s it for October – another edition in November.

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