Hi there all you regular readers of TV news – and of course any new readers.  Things at the Rainbow house tick along. All the Spanish holiday makers have gone home and the coast belongs to us permanent residents again. Restaurants have tables available and the roads are far less busy. I doubt the British will ever fully understand the Spanish culture and the Spanish will not understand the British culture – they are significantly different but as long as we all accept there is a difference and tolerate that difference we will jog along together.

Our foster dog, Izzy, is soon to leave us and head for her permanent home in Jersey. It will be so hard to see her go, (there may well be tears), but we will have the memory of giving her a chance and bringing her from a frightened chained dog to the lady she now is. We can then start the journey with a new lost soul.

Please consider fostering a dog that needs a new start. It is hard when they go, but they soon adapt to their new home and we humans have the memories of their stay and we can help a new one on the way to living a life all dogs should.


Satellite signals have started to increase from their annual summer lows and you should start seeing channels return that disappeared in the spring, especially those with smaller dishes. Every year they seem to not quite get back to the previous year’s high levels, but there should be some improvement. 

Internet TV users will have seen big improvements in reception quality. Firstly, many have gone over to fibre internet which is infinitely better than any other delivery method. If you have the opportunity to go to fibre, grab it! TV reception will be just so much better. With many swapping to fibre, the regular old delivery methods have far less demand on them and are performing much better than before; a win-win situation!

My real gem of a find this month is the ability to copy your MAG box streaming to any of your other devices; phone, tablet or lap top.

There are apps for Android or Apple. We have tested the Android and it works very well. This is using our IPTV system. We can’t say it will be as good for other systems.  We are not Apple people, but hope to test next week on a client’s apple device, but I see no reason it should not be as good.

The Android app is ‘StbEmu’ and the AApple is ‘ISTB’.

The Android has a free version and a PRO version at 5.49€. The free version was OK, but had adverts and was a bit ‘glitchy’. The PRO was really the best 5.49€ ever spent.

These Apps will only work with proper IPTV from a secure MAG box. They do not work with Android, Kodi, Firestick etc devices.

You load the App onto your phone or tablet and enter your server URL and MAG data. You can only have one device on at a time, so if you want ALL your TV on your phone or tablet make sure your MAG is off and watch all your IPTV content on your phone or tablet. When finished, close the App and go back to the MAG. 

It is now easy to take ‘Corrie’ on holiday with you, or BBC1 TV to the beach – all your IPTV content on your phone anywhere in the world! If you see us about, ask for a demonstration on our phone.

If downloading the App and entering the required data is a bit daunting for you, we will come and do it and show you how to use it for our call out charge of 30€ (plus the 5.49€ you will need to pay for the App). We can be sure it will work on our IPTV subscribers’ devices, but cannot guarantee success on other IPTV systems although there is no reason it should not.

If you don’t yet have IPTV, ask us for a free no-obligation demonstration and the free loan of a system for up to a week so you can fully assess it. Subscribe in October and get a 20€ discount on a box and six months subscription. Please quote ‘OCT21 – €20’

That’s it for October – another edition in November 2021.

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