Any regular readers will know that the Rainbow Satellites house often foster dogs for Friends of Mazarrón Animals whilst they find a forever home or recover from mistreatment or illness.

We recently collected Conchita; a long, long story, but she had been starved almost to death. She looked like a released Japanese prisoner of war; just bones and skin with a friendly, but oh such a sad face. Just a few days on with water to hand and three meals a day, what a change! She has started to put on some weight and from being a timid frightened dog, she has gained so much confidence. Our own dog Ruben just seemed to know how sick she was and that she needed help. She snapped at him at any opportunity; not viciously, but defensively. He gives her space, but he did not give up on her and in those few days they have become best buddies with much rough and tumble play – a real joy to see. Conchita is a little food-possessive, but in those circumstances who would not be? Separate eating rooms resolves that and slowly we will bring all together.

Our other dog Tasi, (short for Tasmanian Devil that she is related to!), is not overly impressed with the newcomer. She just gets along on her own quite happily. Whenever we arrive home with a foster dog, Tasi always looks like “What have you bought home now!”
Why not try a foster a dog? Yes, it is heartbreaking when they go to their forever home, but to see videos of them settled and knowing you can take another on its road to its future makes it all so worthwhile.


For everyone in the holiday coastal towns, we have not only got our towns, restaurants and beaches back, but also our internet! Nearly all the internet providers we deal with have overload issues every July and August and no-one can watch internet TV successfully. I do understand that it is not financially viable to install enough capacity for the whole of Madrid in Puerto de Mazarron for just 6 weeks a year use, but it is also unfair on the residents that pay every month of the year to receive an inferior service for 6 weeks. It happens every year and I just thought the providers would have found a way to keep residents on a reasonable supply and share what’s left to the visitors. Soon, (hopefully in a few years), most residents will be on fibre and the problem should be resolved.

With the slightly cooler air, the satellite signals have started to creep upwards hopefully to their winter levels, but every year they seem to not quite get to the previous year’s levels and then drop by the same amount the next summer, so that signals generally are getting weaker and weaker with our prediction of there being no decent UK TV satellite service in a few years. However, if you lost channels in the lead up to summer, they should start to reappear soon. You may not get everything back, but most should reappear.

All you satellite UK TV viewers will have to change to internet TV at some point. Many have never tried it and many have had bad experiences in the early days of internet TV, or got some bad inferior equipment. Rainbow Satellites offer the very best with a very easy-to-use system. Take a free no-obligation in-home demonstration with a loan box for up to a week and see what ‘real’ internet TV is all about. If you don’t like it, don’t want it, or are not ready for it yet, we will just come and take it away, but at least you will know what is available from the internet first hand instead of all the social media mixed comments. Give it a go! Nothing to lose! If you do buy the system, quote OCT20 to get a 10% discount on installation and a year’s subscription.

That’s it for October – more in November 2020.
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