We expect on reading this when the evenings will be chilly and the fires alight. The gardens will be quite active with the intense heat of summer gone and probably some water from a few sessions of rain. Gardening is quite different in Spain. In the hot dry summers plants tend to just stay dormant trying to survive and the growing takes place in the cooler wetter autumn to spring.

At the Rainbow house all is well, as are the dogs and various animals. Regular readers will be aware we are involved with Friends of Mazarrón Animals, a legal registered charity, which does some really good work for any local animal in need. Like all charities we are always short of funds and volunteers. Look at the Facebook page and maybe donate a little or offer some time. Every bit helps, assisting at events, transporting animals, fostering or you may even see the love of your life to adopt.


Nothing startling to report this month on the TV front. Many of you, if not most, probably watch UK TV by internet. The demand on the internet is high for live TV and the main secret to successful viewing is decent internet supply (and a good TV system supplier like Rainbow!).

Many people are on fibre optic internet now and it is moving out of the towns and into the countryside. Fibre optic is so much better than copper wire or ‘over the air’, but like most things, it does have problems at times. Internet routing is an extraordinarily complex matter and the internet suppliers buy in cheaper routes. That means your request to watch BBC 1, say, goes half way around the world, through a dozen cities and six satellites before it gets us. Then we have to send you BBC 1 back down some arduous routes, all with the potential of having some issues. Generally it works well, but as we all know, sometimes it does not, even on that 1000mbs fibre.

In our experience most internet companies work to about the same success levels. How often has TV worked superbly well for weeks and then you start to get some issues. Often it is the internet company changing to some routing suppliers they have been offered at reduced rates. We know the performance of every internet supplier in the Murcia region as we have clients on them all. When we get calls for ‘bad TV’, our first question is “Who is internet supplier?” Second, third and fourth calls come in and generally all are with the same internet company.

We fully accept the reason why clients call us when the TV goes wrong:

TV has gone off. Call the TV supplier. However, well over 85% of issues turn out to be internet related.

The clue to us having an issue is often when clients on different internet suppliers call in with the same problem. Then our tech guys start looking and if possible we will post an on-screen message. Remember that if there is a general problem, probably 100’s are trying to contact us! Message, email, WhatsApp can be the quickest communication ways to get an answer. Chatting about the problem quickly gets us 10 calls in the queue! 

Luckily things are getting far more reliable in the IPTV world than they were in the early days of internet TV. Both the TV supplier and the internet supplier’s technology have progressed, though technology is not perfect. How many times have you been to the cash machine and it’s not working? It’s technology having a ‘moment’ and often it is the extremely complex internet systems.

A quick note on satellite systems – the signals are mostly back to the winter levels and channels lost in summer should be back. Viewing should be good. If it is not, call us for system check. Just 35€ gives it the once-over and maximises satellite signals.

That’s it for November. More news in December when Christmas will be rapidly approaching and whiz by.

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