November is here! Where has 2021 gone? Even with the ‘odd’ situation time has just flown by. Dare I say Christmas will fly by and 2022 here we come.

Any regular readers will know we foster dogs and our latest charge, Izzy, is now at her permanent home on the island of Jersey. We just have our two residents here at the moment with the two visitors we look after now and again coming and going. Could you foster? Have a chat with us if it is maybe possible. FMA will find any animal a home eventually, but the time from taking them on to finding that home is always the (often expensive) problem. Yes you will cry when the foster leaves you, but you have given them the start to a new and loving life and you can then help another along the way.

TV News

I was really surprised that I had absolutely no reaction to last month’s main story – using all the content of your IPTV on your phone, tablet or laptop everywhere you go. I have been using mine continually on my phone; TV in the car (not driver!!!), Radio Two on the beach and a film from the library whilst in London the other day.  It is really good to see anything whilst away from home. If you missed the article last month or want more information just get in touch. Works on Android and Apple devices and costs a one off payment of under 10€.

Typing this waiting to take off on Ryan Air, I just watched the bit of Strictly Come Dancing from last Saturday that I missed, using the catch-up facility. Strictly; a few more will be gone by the time you read this but who will win? I have my prediction. Ask me if I am right after series is finished!

Lots of people are arriving post (I hope) pandemic who have not been to their property for 18 plus months and often the TV system is not working. Dishes have moved, terminals corroded, cables rotten or chewed (I am convinced electrical devices and cables ‘like’ being used …. It keeps corrosion at bay and a little warmth from the use keeps any moisture away.)  The cause of the problem(s) could be many and generally a visit is needed to correct. More often than not our call out fee of 30€ fixes, however, if more work and cost was required we would always discuss the issue and cost before commencing.

A word of warning.

Ask social media what is wrong and you will get 100 answers; most of them wrong! However, a popular answer will be insects nesting in the LNB on the dish – just dig them out. Now this is a valid answer and often correct except for the ‘dig them out’ bit. The insect nesting space in the LNB has three signal receptor ‘pins’ that are so easily bent or snapped off. Then it means a new LNB at a much greater cost than calling us out to do the job – we know where to dig! Having said that, some insects seem to secrete an ‘acid’ that rots the insulation on the pins; then it’s a new LNB. Under ‘normal’ circumstances the TV goes off, we visit, remove insect, TV back on and the ‘acid’ has not had time to rot anything, but a pandemic or nest left for months can result in a new LNB being needed.

Even with internet TV connectors can get damp and corroded in unused houses. Warm the air and remove/replace all connectors a few times can resolve problems.

That’s it for November …… more TV news in December 2021.

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