Regular readers will know we help run Friends of Mazarrón Animals and we often foster dogs before finding them a forever home. Last month we told you about Conchita, collected as just skin and bones – almost starved to death in a kennel, but now 6 weeks on she is fully fit and a very ‘naughty girl’ – just loving life, food and people. Still a little food possessive, but then under the circumstances wouldn’t you be? Then along came Ben, thick with fleas, ticks, worms and leishmania. Taking him to the vet I thought he was going to have to be put to sleep, but for all his problems his organs had not failed. We decided to give him a chance. Firstly our resident dog, Ruben, was taken to the vet and he gave Ben a blood transfusion, then we started Ben on treatment for his ailments and a week later he is well on the mend. We have a long way to go – his skin is in a very bad condition, but I think we will get there and find him a forever home soon. 

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TV News 

Any of you who watch Spanish TV may have had some problems recently. There have been major changes to the channel frequencies and strengths; well publicized in the Spanish press, but most of us do not read the Spanish Newspapers. At a minimum, you will need to rescan the TV to get the new frequencies for the channels and at worst you will need a new antenna for the weaker signals. Try a rescan – you will find it in the TV ‘menu’ and if you do not get your Spanish TV back then contact us and we will sort it for you. Many people get Spanish TV installed to assist them with learning the language, but I found the speaking just too quick and you cannot say “What did you say? Please repeat!” However there is a way to assist you learning the lingo – record a daily soap, (everyday language with pictures to match), then watch it recorded and you can rewind as necessary until you can say the sentence and understand it. Friends of mine only used this method to learn Spanish and are now fluent – although I am a failure even after 22 years here, but I remember I was always bottom of the class in French at school, so maybe languages are not one of my skills! 

Internet TV (IPTV) has advanced tremendously since its inception just a few years ago and most of the providers have now really stable reliable TV systems. However, not all Internet Providers have progressed as much as others. 

Internet TV put tremendous demands on the internet system, so initially most internet companies could not cope and Internet TV got a really bad name as being unreliable when it was often not the TV system but the internet that was ‘bad’. Most internet providers have realized that Internet TV is here to stay and resolved most of the issues, but some have still not. Ask Rainbow Satellites for the best ISP in your area for watching TV. We have clients on every one of them and we know the ones that work and the ones that struggle. Internet speed is an easy test to do on your internet supply and it is a good initial indicator of your incoming supply, but it is not, by many factors, the only criteria that will affect viewing and the ISP’s know this, but very often will not admit it. So many time we hear “Well the download speed is 30 mbs – what more can we do?” when the TV viewing is hopeless due to the supplier having a routing problem. 

If you are having Internet TV viewing issues, contact Rainbow Satellites who can sometimes assist you with your ISP. If you have had a bad experience of Internet TV in the past give Rainbow Satellites a try at showing you today’s standards and letting you run a box at home for a week free of charge. 

More TV news in December. 

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