Writing this copy in mid-April, the heat seems to have been switched on early this year. Today is forecast for 30ºC and an hour in the garden this morning has left me with a very red head! All is well at the Rainbow house – the garden has needed almost continual watering throughout the winter having had so little rain. Every morning we walk the dogs and part of that walk is through a rambla that has always had some pools of water – even in the height of summer. This year they are dry. I just hope the wildlife find somewhere to drink and the wild boars a new mud bath to roll in!

Back at home, now that we have four permanent dogs, we do not foster for Rainbow’s sponsored charity – Friends of Mazarrón Animals (FMA) – something we really miss. Could you foster? The charity will always find a home for any animal eventually, but the period from taking on the animal to that home is always so difficult. Yes they can, and do, use kennels, but apart from the cost, the environment is not ideal for rehabilitating an animal, although the kennels do an excellent job. Home life and continual human contact is needed and that is just where a foster home helps. We often hear “I could not foster because I could not let them go.” – but you need to approach fostering with the knowledge that you are helping one along the rehabilitation road to get a permanent home, then you can help the next one! Contact us or FMA for more details.


The big news must be the continual decline of the UK TV satellite system in southern Spain. More channels are going to frequencies we just cannot receive down here, even on the biggest dishes. None of the BBC channels are now available 24/7. You might be able to thumb around the regions and find working versions at various times of the day, but continual watching is not possible. Those of you with non-HD boxes should be picking up a temporary SD non-regional version of the BBC channels, but BBC have said these will only be temporary to give clients the chance to buy HD boxes. (This information is only applicable in the UK where the BBC notices are intended for!). ITV HD has not been available for some months to us Spanish watchers and many non-mainstream channels have disappeared.

UK satellite TV is really finished in southern Spain – the only option now is internet TV. That presents its own problems – an excellent internet supply is required and any easy-to-use, professionally maintained system will have a subscription. There are ways to watch the main channel streaming services free of charge, but this will require a VPN service that will carry a subscription and live TV is not always available.

Rainbow Satellites (we probably need to rethink that name!) have a comprehensive internet TV system (IPTV). We offer a free in home-demonstration and the loan of a box for up to a week. This way you can fully test and appreciate the system before you commit to a purchase and it also tests that your internet is good enough for live TV which is very demanding. If after a week you do not want to proceed we will just take the equipment away – no hard sell! Contact us for a trial – you will need stable internet of 10MBS plus. If you don’t have that, we may be able to loan you a 4G router for the trial period.

If you subscribe to IPTV during May 2023 we will offer a 30€ discount on a one year subscription OR remove your satellite dish (excluding any concrete base) free of charge if you want to dispose of it (‘easily’ accessible dishes only). Ask for offer ‘May23’.

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