Hello all you TV watchers – well the end of March and start of April were such strange months – almost daily rain for 3 weeks or so. Several records were broken including the longest spell of continuous rain on record for Cartagena. Writing this during Easter weekend we have had some sunny days but more rain is forecast next week. Anyway I expect by the time you are reading this in May, rain will be a distant memory and the beautiful daily Spanish sunshine will be with us. Things roll along in the Rainbow household – still with four dogs, a few cats, goldfish in the pond and two terrapins in their own pond. We at Rainbow Satellites sponsor and work with the local charity “Friends of Mazarron Animals (FMA)” who do some wonderful work helping any animal in need. Find them on Facebook for all the current animals in their care and the upcoming fund raising events – and watch the 100 club draw live on a Friday night at 20.00h.

TV News …………… Well all the TV companies are pushing along for the eventual change to TV by internet only. Within a few years the transmission of TV signals by regular TV antenna and satellite will cease – leaving only internet as the sole TV transmitting medium. Many people ask “but what if we don’t get decent internet?” and the answer to that is everyone will have access to fast stable internet. There will be several alternatives for internet from the fibre transmission most of us in towns are now on, to the most advanced, which will be the Elon Musk satellite system currently in beta testing – he has launched hundreds of low orbit satellites to cover the whole globe for internet services at high speed. We understand you can now buy equipment to use the service but current prices before full rollout of the system are out of reach for most ……… but these prices will come down.  In Spain everyone must have access to high speed internet by 2025 (?) and we understand the government are looking at subsidised satellite connections where fibre is not available.

Some ask what is internet TV – well iPlayer, More4, ITV hub, SKY glass, Brit box and all the other services now available are all internet TV services. Many of you in Spain watch TV by internet now with no satellite dishes or TV antennas required. If you don’t currently watch TV via the internet and want to know more about internet TV contact us for a free in home demonstration and the loan of a system for up to a week so that you can fully appreciate it. You will need good stable internet of 10mbs+. One day in the not too distant future you will have to make the swap from satellite to internet if you want to continue watching UK TV.

As an aside if you think your mobile phone (is it a phone these days?) does wonderful things now then wait until the phone companies get hold of the frequencies the TV companies use for regular transmissions – there will be an explosion of new technology.

The phone companies can’t wait to get these frequencies and will pay the government 10 times the price the TV companies pay – another reason for the demise of regular transmissions.

Regarding satellite – who is going to pay millions for a new satellite (and the current ones are coming to the end of their life) when you can “pump” it down the internet for free.

There is a huge disadvantage with internet TV and that is multiroom transmissions. Internet streaming is generally a subscription service and you will need a subscription box for each TV location – ouch! It is possible to “copy” a box transmission to another TV but both will have to watch the same thing. We often have people telling us they never paid for TV before and they are not going to now – but we respond with “did you have a TV licence in the UK?” – and of course we get the answer “well yes” – but the TV licence is only a subscription to watch BBC – call it whatever you want but BBC is a subscription service as are ITV etc – the subscription is through the advertisement costs that we all contribute to.

That’s it for May  – another edition in June 2022 and that will be half the year gone!

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