Writing this newsletter in April it is pouring with rain, cold and our log burner is roaring away. However, I expect when you are reading it in May, the Spanish summer will be well on the way with lovely warm days and long light evenings.

Regular readers will know that we foster dogs on a regular basis – our latest two – Emi and Ben – have now left us for their permanent homes in Italy and Germany respectively.  Yes, there were some tears when we left them to move on to new pastures – two fabulous dogs we had rescued which were in awful conditions on arrival here, but who both will become fabulous pets in their new homes. Friends of Mazarron Animals rescue so many animals – we will eventually home any animal that comes our way – but the time between taking it on and finding that home is the most difficult for the association. Please consider fostering – it really is not about your emotions when the animal moves on, but about giving that animal another chance in this world we live in – then having done that you can take on another and give it its first step.


The UK satellite system in Spain heads into the summer season when the signals substantially reduce in the run-up to August. We have already seen reductions and many channels lost on the smaller dish systems with the annual calls for help to restore, but there is nothing we can do. There are three options:

Get a bigger dish.

Go to internet TV.

Wait until the signals get back to the stronger levels of winter in October onwards.

We are more than happy to come and check/adjust your satellite system for maximum signal strength – just 30€ for the service – but we cannot promise reception of all signals. Not only are the satellite signal strengths critical for best reception, but dish make/model, LNB make/model, feedhorn make/model, cable quality and box make/model all come into play. Recently we went to a client who was struggling with TV reception and who said on arrival that their next door neighbour was getting every channel. His dish was smaller, the LNB was a cheap inferior make, the cable was RF quality, (not data quality) and his digibox was the worst model we have ever seen in our years of TV installation in Spain! All this contributed to his poorer signal reception – no more to say!

Call the experts for advice before spending money after reading Facebook recommendations!  We ‘hate’ these Facebook sites that you ask a question – you will get 20 different answers – then pick the cheapest and wonder why it does not work!  Why would you ask Facebook for an answer to a technical question? Surely it’s best to ask the experts in the field!  I think there is a general misconception that the experts will rip you off and sell you the most profitable option. Whilst that can be true, we don’t think it generally is – certainly not with Rainbow Satellites. Having been trading here in southern Spain for 22 years, we just don’t think we would have survived with providing profit-making inferior advice. This applies to so many legal business who have been here for years and supply sound accurate advice, be it TV, car repairs, villa management or whatever – BUT there will always be a Facebook expert happy to give anyone absolutely inferior and inaccurate advice!

Hey that’s my soap box for May!

The real way forward with UK TV reception is to go Internet – IPTV is the way we will all be watching TV in the next few years. If you have tried it and failed – many have – then try a good managed system – (Rainbow Satellites have them) – with a good internet supply. These systems can provide perfect TV viewing, but the ‘purchased on the market stall’ system with copper cable internet from 20 years ago technology just will not provide the viewing you require.

Please ask the real experts for solutions.

Rainbow Satellites are happy to bring you an IPTV system, demonstrate it and leave it with you for a week to try and assess it with no charge or obligation. We can tell you if your internet supply is good enough for IPTV or not. We will not just sell you a box that won’t work!

Will that other slightly cheaper system provider do that?

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