Writing this in mid-February, the skies are tipping the rain down and have been for a few days; much-needed water, but I doubt much effect on filling the reservoirs. Regular readers will know we have four dogs. How are yours in the rain? Two of ours go out loving the rain and would happily stay out. The two others hate it! They rush out to do their business when they really have to, but straight back indoors. The two rain-lovers simply have to roll in a puddle whilst the other two won’t even get their feet wet. So different, like us humans! I hate the beach and sand in everything. Others love it!

TV News

The big news is that the BBC is moving all the regional BBC 1’s to High Definition. Whilst this is generally good news, it has implications for us down here in Southern Spain. This is a three month programme for the BBC and at the time of writing, is part way through, so not all of the following may be totally valid at the end of all the changes. However, to date the new HD regional transmissions are on satellite frequencies we cannot get down here in Southern Spain. BBC 1 South was the first one to change and we can’t see a glimpse of that frequency. Others have since followed. Now the problem is that the old SD (standard definition) versions are being deleted so that on satellite in Southern Spain BBC 1 South is not available. We will have to see the situation when the changes are complete, but it is possible no satellite BBC 1. The BBC have said they will leave a non-regional BBC 1 SD on the satellite system, (like HD is now – blank during regional transmissions), but that this is only temporary to give viewers with old non-HD boxes time to upgrade their boxes to new HD versions. 

This is fine for UK locations where the new frequencies are available (and where the system is intended to be viewed), but for Southern Spain it may mean no BBC 1 on satellite systems. At minimum we must accept that our local regional BBC 1 may not be available and we have to watch a region that is available. More information on this next month when the changes should all be complete. If you lose your local regional BBC 1, a box scan may return it, but you may have to watch another region which should be listed somewhere. If you use an official Freesat box, all the BBC regional channels will be in the 900’s as they will be on a SKY box. Universal boxes will have them randomly listed. Any problems then contact us. Remember this is an ongoing BBC change and details may change.

I had a bit of supposedly ‘inside’ information from SKY, (not public but reliable), that SKY are planning to close all transmission systems except internet by August 2024. Their SKY Stream system is highly successful, therefore internet will be the only way. This information, together with the BBC plans above, really do make the move to Internet TV necessary, sooner rather than leaving it to last minute. Contact us for a free no-obligation demonstration of Internet TV and 7 day trial free of any charge. If taken up, there is a subscription charge, but that will be the case to watch UK TV in Southern Spain when regular transmissions are switched off.

That’s it for this month. More information in the April edition.

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