Did you all get to see field after field of the magnificent almond blossom – a February wonder of the world. Further North in Murcia you can now see the peach blossom which is different but equally magnificent. I often wonder why the almond comes out so early – before numbers of bees are around to pollinate – but there must be other pollinators around or maybe they self-pollinate?

All is good in the RAINBOW house – Spring is arriving in the garden with lots of work to do. Our two terrapins are starting to show some activity and eating a little – although not fully hibernated in Winter they slow right down and don’t eat at all. No foster dogs at the moment but the four residents are well. The charity that we support – Friends of Mazarron Animals (FMA) – continues with its magnificent work. Look it up on Facebook. Help always wanted and foster carers for the animals that come our way are always in short supply. FMA will always eventually find an animal a permanent home but it is the care in the meantime that is needed. Contact us or FMA for more information.

There are a couple of numbers available for our “100 Club” – 2€ a week paid as 10€ monthly for a weekly prize of 100€ – have a little flutter and help FMA!

TV News

The most surprising recent TV event to us was the BBC bringing BBC THREE TV channel back into mainstream TV providers – satellite and terrestrial. Some years ago, it went internet only and regular readers will know we have been predicting all TV going internet only within a few years – we still predict that will happen but it was odd to see BBC THREE return. There may have been a government intervention that all BBC had to be available to everyone. The BBC THREE return also coincided with a general channel numbering shake up. BBC TWO SD that many of you watch, as the HD version is very weak down here in Spain, moved from 110 to 180 on the FREESAT system. Other channels shuffled around but they are all there if you search around.

So, if our prediction for internet TV only in a few years time comes true, all you satellite viewers will have to change system to retain any UK television. Internet TV has progressed enormously over its few years of life and is now extremely reliable and easy to use. Like satellite TV there are various ways to view internet TV from the “awkward” to the “easy”. For the most reliable and easy to use you will have to pay a subscription – not a lot more than a UK TV licence (which was only a subscription to watch BBC) as the systems have to be constantly maintained and that does cost money. Free systems are available but they often go wrong, disappear altogether and can be “difficult” to use. Rainbow Satellites systems are the best – fully managed and user friendly – we are happy to give you a demonstration and let you have a box for a week with no charge. You can then assess the system fully to see if it is what you want before you buy – what other product offers you that? Give it a try if you have had bad experiences in the past and say not again, or if you have never seen internet TV. You will need a good stable internet supply of 10+ MBS.

If you are buying a property down here before you make the final decision ask us to survey for UK TV availability. Many new arrivals say TV is not important but Spanish Winters have long chilly evenings and most residents will say TV is important. Some properties with no decent internet available or don’t have the space to put a huge satellite dish just cannot receive UK TV. Check before you buy. Spanish TV is available to all properties – there is a government scheme to receive free satellite TV if there is no standard antenna reception available. Spanish TV can help with your language learning (I have the news on every morning and although my Spanish is not so good, I can generally follow a story) and many programmes that are bought in from UK/America and dubbed into Spanish can receive the original English soundtrack.

That’s it for March – another edition in April 2022.

This article is sponsored by RAINBOW SATELLITES SL – the company for all your TV needs in the Murcia region of Spain.

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