Spring seems to be well on the way and possibly the pandemic may be under some control – if we can get over 80% of the population vaccinated there may be a way forward for some normality by the Autumn. I so want to eat out, go to the theatre/cinema and a holiday, but to get to that position we must all follow the rules. Stay safe and get the vaccine!

Our two foster dogs, Ben and Emi, may have permanent homes to go to. Ben is on a week’s trial locally and Emi has been adopted by a family in Italy and should travel in April. Thank you Sandy at Galgos Rescue Almeria for finding the home. There will definitely be emotional tears when they go, as they have become real lockdown buddies, but we know the homes are good and we will then be able to take one or two more in foster and on their way to permanent homes.

Friends of Mazarrón Animals can eventually find any animal that comes into our care a home. It is the time from rescuing them to the permanent home that is always the difficulty. Please consider fostering. It’s a way to have a pet without the full responsibility and yes it is hard when they go!

I watched an interview with Dame Carolyn Julia McCall, the chief executive of the ITV group of companies. She said, as Rainbow Satellites have been saying for a few years, that television-watching by conventional TV antenna or satellite dish is finished. It will soon be internet only. All the TV companies are moving this way. Have you noticed that all episodes of series are available online before being broadcast by conventional means? This is to get you to watch online and to make it ‘the norm’ for all TV viewers. As soon as the whole population gets decent internet, (rural areas will be served by new satellite internet soon), TV by conventional means will be finished. I give that 3-4 years. Already all SKY sports on the Q system is by internet NOT satellite.

One interesting point Caroline made was that TV by conventional sources is VERY heavily regulated from length and frequency of advert breaks to ratio of content (drama to comedy). However, TV by internet has NO regulation at all and if we want BBC/ITV/4/5 to remain, the government must act with some regulation of internet TV so that the mighty giants of internet TV (Netflix/Amazon/Google/Disney etc) do not just swallow up the national broadcaster and then probably dump them. I know there are some who advocate that, (they only watch those giants now), but I think it would be a shame to lose them and their individuality.

Wouldn’t Amazon love to have Coronation Street, but I guarantee it would not be the same.
So government, let’s see some internet TV regulation proposals. It’s coming! It will not be stopped and it does need some regulation, but perhaps not as much as conventional TV.

Also announced was the merger of FREEVIEW and FREESAT – the two transmission companies in the UK. This is in preparation for their system’s demise and going internet only.

Down to practicalities
Southern Spain cannot use FREEVIEW – the conventional antenna system – but we do use FREESAT, the satellite system. If you have an enormous dish on your property you are probably using this system. Some channels are already not available and more and more will go until the demise of the whole system. If you want UK TV then it will be internet only.

Internet TV is really in its infancy: Just 5 years ago the systems available today were not even dreamed of. In the early days it was pretty poor quality and many viewers having very bad experiences, so went back to their satellite systems. If you are one of those, or are just someone thinking of trying internet TV, call us to arrange a free no obligation demonstration and 7 day free trial of the latest IPTV system. Things have changed since the early days.

Spanish TV has upgraded many channel frequencies and you may have lost many channels. Your TV just needs a rescan to bring them all back. If I am talking ‘Double Dutch’, contact us and we will do it for a nominal 10€ when in your area.

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