Regular readers will know we are involved with Friends of Mazarrón Animals, a registered Spanish charity that will help any animal in need. Generally we foster at least one dog before it is on its way to a new permanent home, but have not had any for a while as we ‘inherited’ two dogs, making our permanent residents four in number, but once they are all fully settled together I expect we will take in one foster.

Writing this in mid May to meet Costa Calida Chronicle deadlines, the weather seems to have broken from a fairly wet cool spring into almost full summer with tomorrow having 37ºC forecast! We had to break out the shorts overnight last week! However, the warm sunshine is probably one of the major reasons us Brits come to Spain, so bring it on. We might even get a swim in a week’s time, but for me it has to be warm water. 


Most problem contacts over the last week are associated with the weather comment above. Satellite signals are heading into their summer levels – as happens every year when they get significantly lower. All satellite users will get some reduction in service, but the smaller 1.35m offset dishes will lose some channels and as dishes get bigger the problems will be less noticeable, but will be there. Many channels on the 1.90m prime focus dishes will be on the edge of good reception and some cloud or turbulence in the atmosphere can bring a channel failure at times. There is no ‘magic’ answer – we cannot ‘adjust’ the dish to bring some of the weaker channels back – there is just not enough signal. Solutions are to wait until autumn when we expect the stronger signals to return, get a bigger dish (not recommended as the UK satellite system has a limited life in Spain) or go to Internet TV – which can have its own issues if not installed properly.

Internet TV depends on two factors to work well – the internet supply and the TV system used. Internet supply is getting better with many locations having fibre available and technology all-round getting so much better. Fibre is the future and if you get offered it we would recommend taking it. Many of our clients have said that they live remotely and have no chance of fibre, but that is not necessarily the case. Almost all our clients in cities and towns have fibre available and many of our remote clients, including ourselves, have found it available. I have to say that 12 months ago I did not dream of getting fibre at home, but filled in the online application with Movistar (who are doing most of the remote areas) and an engineer came the next day, said ‘yes’ and installed 300MBS fibre the following day! 

Movistar have NO installation charge and usually a good plan to entice you in – we got fibre with inclusive telephone (and all Spanish calls) for 19.95€ per month for 6 months, then the regular reasonable price. If you can’t get fibre yet then most of the ‘over the air’ operators have improved systems available – ask your ISP.

Elon Musk has launched his satellite internet in Spain – aimed at VERY rural locations which I believe is available – however installation is 499€ and monthly 99€ – not sure how many takers he will get, but if you have found that fabulous rural home but no internet, this is an option. He is installing a string of low orbit satellites (a rocket launched not so long ago had 10 satellites on board) – internet, sat nav and a world wide mobile phone system are in his sights, but like the Tesla car, nothing from Elon comes cheap, but generally it is quality and works. My Movistar internet is not the cheapest available to me, but with so much internet experience I do consider it the best

Rainbow Satellites consider ourselves in the Movistar/Elon Musk quality bracket – certainly not the cheapest, but definitely the best for product and service.

Having got your decent internet, you will then need a good IPTV system from Rainbow Satellites. Have a free no-obligation demonstration and a one week free trial so that you can assess the system for yourself and after the trial take up the system and claim a month free – pay for 11 months and get 12. Please ask for the discount when we install the IPTV system.

That’s it for June – another edition in July 2022.

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