July – well where did that half of the year go? Time really does just fly by.

Summer has hit with a bang – writing this in mid-June it is 33ºC today – a week ago it was 22ºC. I think garden watering will be a regular feature now until autumn! Apart from smaller pots that get watered every two days, I give a real good soaking to larger pots and ground plants once a week. I think the top surface ‘bakes’ the day after watering, acting as a ‘seal’ to the wet earth below – the ground looks absolutely parched, but if you dig down a few inches you soon find damp soil. Anyway that has been my watering regime for the last 25 years of my time in Spain!

Regular readers will know Rainbow support Friends of Mazarron Animals (FMA) – a local animal rescue charity. We run the 100 Club – 100 members who pay 2€ a week for a ‘membership’ number (10€ per month) – every Friday at 8pm we ‘spin the wheel’ online live and the winning number takes 100€ – so for a 10€ outlay you have a 100:1 chance of winning, (that’s really good odds for most lotteries/raffles/etc) 500€ in a month with the other 500€ going to FMA –  bit of fun on a Friday evening! We have 3 numbers available at the moment! Contact FMA or Rainbow if you are interested. 

Before we get asked; if it is a four Friday month, we have two draws on the 4th Friday! 


The big news is the real demise of satellite TV due to our area going into the summer weaker signals that happen every year. They can be 20% lower than the peak winter signals. As we have reported before, reliable BBC has all gone, ITV HD and CH4 HD are very marginal along with many others and these cases apply to 1.9m prime focus dishes. Anything smaller and reception will be even worse. 

There is no magic answer to restore UK satellite TV. We used to say get a bigger dish, but that is now not a solution. The only way to receive all UK TV successfully in Southern Spain is via the Internet. There are many ways to do this including some free options if you are a computer geek! However, many of us are not. We want to turn the TV on, select the channel we want and watch it on our TV – not our laptop, tablet or phone. You really have to go to a managed IPTV system which will carry a subscription. We have several options that vary from FREESAT to ALL channels and more. The best way to appreciate the systems is to have a chat with us and then have a free no-obligation in-home demonstration and the loan of a box for up to a week. You can then fully test the system to see if it is what you want before you buy. If you don’t like it, we just come and take it away. You do not need to be a ‘geek’ – there is no need for any computer skills, nor do you need a computer or a smart TV. Any TV with an HDMI input will suffice (that’s any TV purchased in the last 15 years) and the system is as easy to use as any TV system you have had in the past. 

Some of our clients have hesitated to try IPTV because they feel their computer skills are not good enough; absolutely false – can you operate your present TV system? Then you can operate IPTV.

Multiple TV’s can be a problem, but we have several options for solutions – tell us your needs and we will offer solutions.

You will need good stable internet of 10MBS plus.

If you do buy the system after a trial in July 2023 quote JUL23 to get a 10% discount on installation and a 12 months’ subscription.

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