July is here! Half the year gone and the nights are drawing in. It was an odd spring – substantial rain almost every week, some really hot days with some air conditioning on, then some cool days with the log burner being lit. Anyway summer seems to be here – Murcia is 36°C today.

Rainbow’s association with the charity Friends of Mazarrón Animals (FMA) continues with us often transporting rescue animals as required. We do not have a foster dog at the moment as we have four permanent inmates, but I expect one will come our way soon. Could you foster? Many say no because they could not let them go. However, getting an animal on its way back to some normality and then handing it to a permanent home has huge rewards and then you can start on a new one!  Contact us for more details.

FMA has also opened a ‘TEAMING’ account. You simply agree to give 1€ per month to the charity (no more no less) through the banking system who make no charges. We probably all lose a euro down the back of the sofa or under the car seat every month, so how about setting up a ‘TEAMING’ payment? Contact us or see the Facebook page for details. FMA vet bills are around €5,000 plus per month.


Many of the calls to us are saying “My Freesat box is not working properly. I have tried a rescan and factory reset and now I have nothing.”   ALL Freesat boxes need the Freesat control frequency from the satellite – it controls what the boxes do. This frequency has always been a weaker signal in Spain, but this summer signals are lower than I have ever known in 23 years in this business. The Freesat recording boxes are simply getting confused!  If you are having some problems with one of these boxes do NOT try a factory reset or rescan as you will simply end up with no TV at all.  Accept what you have and call us for a dish alignment check – those of you with a 1.35m offset or a 1.45m Prime Focus dish have no chance of operating the boxes correctly. With a 1.80m prime focus we may be able to improve the Freesat signal.  It also depends on where you live – Camposol probably Ok – Puerto de Mazarrón marginal – Lorca no chance! – Los Alcazares OK. The further south and west you go the weaker the signals.

Solutions – well the obvious solution is get a larger dish, but that in itself has problems; not least the cost – about 1,000€ with a concrete pad to support it. That will be money ‘down the drain’ in a couple of years when the whole system in Southern Spain will end. It really is a non-starter. 

Internet TV

Quality managed IPTV is the real only way forward. It will be the only way to watch TV, not only here in Spain, but in the UK too.  Have you noticed how ALL the TV channels make announcements promoting internet TV – watch on iPlayer – all episodes now on ITV hub etc? This is to make you go to internet TV so that the satellite and standard aerial systems can be shut down. Satellite is simply too expensive to run and the frequencies used by a standard antenna will be auctioned to the mobile phone companies for trillions of pounds into the government coffers. Internet TV will be the only platform to watch TV.  Many have had bad internet TV experiences during the early days of the system and getting it from the market or the guy down the road. Please try Rainbow – a free in-home demonstration and the loan of a system for a week so you can really try it. Just ask us. Not only is a good well managed IPTV system required, but so is a good stable internet supply. If you have the opportunity of fibre in your location – and you all will soon – then grab it. It is generally free installation and monthly payment; less than older existing systems. It is the way forward. Although not perfect (what is?), but it is infinitely better than the older systems. Movistar are fibre cabling many of the rural locations. Ask them if it is available at your house.

Finally, if you are new to Spain or if you are moving house, do not get talked into buying a new satellite system for your UK TV reception. You will need a massive satellite dish and the cost will be around 1,000€ and as we have said the system will be ‘dead’ in a few years. Go the internet route and contact us for advice.

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