January! 2021! 

For us non-Spanish the festivities will all be over and we hope you had a reasonably enjoyable time with the various COVID-19 restrictions in place. However, for our Spanish friends the BIG day is still to come on January 6th.  For me the arrival of the Three Kings with gifts seems the right day to celebrate with the giving of gifts and the day of the birth; a day for religious celebrations, but I doubt we will change the English thinking.

For all of us, Rainbow Satellites hope for a more ‘normal’ 2021 and the brilliant scientists seem like they may be helping us along that way with the vaccines.

Rainbow House is all well with the two foster dogs, Ben and Emi who are both looking for a forever home. We often get asked “How do you let them go? We couldn’t, so we don’t foster.” It is hard to let them go – many a tear has been shed by us grown men over the departure of the 25 dogs we have fostered over the years – but it is with the knowledge we can help another along its way that we do let them go. Our short suffering is nothing compared to the light on the face of a new dog when they arrive and the photos/videos we get from the new homes really help.

Fostering is not for your pleasure! It does more often than not brings untold joy giving a dog a step towards a forever home. Give it a go! We can eventually find any animal a new permanent home, but it is the time between coming into our care and finding that home which is the problem. Perhaps you could help. Contact us or Friends of Mazarrón Animals for more information.

TV News

December, when this is written, is always a quiet month. All the TV companies and the industries associated with them have their products in place for Christmas so there is very little new or changes to happen as  none of them would like problems in the lead up to the festive period.

Last December I wrote about English Language cinema in Spain, but with all the cinemas closed at the moment I cannot update that information. Let’s hope cinemas and theatres get back to some form of normality soon and all those jobs that go with the leisure industries at least partially reinstated. 

Some Predictions for 2021

We are sure the UK TV satellite system – FREESAT and SKY will continue to become less available in southern Spain. Channels will continue to get moved to unavailable frequencies and one by one will be lost as many channels already are. We have been predicting about 4 years to the full demise. Will BREXIT have any influence? Well, possibly it will, with a speed up of the changes.

We will still be getting our UK TV by the internet and as the provision of internet by Fibre grows and grows, so will the reliability of successful viewing. Nearly all Spanish towns now have fibre and the installation guys are moving out to the villages and then the campo. The government has said all of Spain must have fast reliable internet by 2025.

TV by internet is really still in its infancy – it really only started 5(?) years ago and has moved ahead at a tremendous velocity – things that only the engineers dreamt of, with TV by regular antenna now a reality in everyone’s house  –  catch up TV, box sets on demand are just two instances.

If you tried IPTV in its infancy and had a bad experience – many did – and you said never again, now is really the time to try it. Rainbow Satellites offer a free no-obligation demonstration and a free week’s trial so you can fully test it before you buy. It really is the way forward in entertainment and, as we said earlier, it will soon be the only way to watch UK TV in Spain. Find the Supporting Local Businesses feature in this month’s Costa Cálida Chronicle for a special offer from us.

That’s it for January – another edition in February 2021.

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