Here we are in midwinter and so far so little rain! (I hope I don’t regret saying that writing in mid-January for a February publication!) Most of the reservoirs are very low and the water companies are talking of summer restrictions even if there is substantial rain in the next few months. I try to keep my garden watering to a minimum, but everything is so dry – there is a lot of work (and money) invested to just let it go. A few days a week of steady rain is required – not enough for floods, but enough to soak the ground and start to fill the reservoirs. I do not know about global warming and make no comment on it, but I am certain the world’s weather is changing.

For regular readers all is well at the Rainbow house – animals all good and the charity we support – Friends of Mazarrón Animals – continues its good work. Have a look at them on Facebook.


The push by all the broadcasting companies for Internet TV continues. ITV have launched their new platform ITVX with BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5 all pushing us to watch on their internet platforms. SKY have introduced SKYSTREAM – all their services on an internet only box – same as the Sky Glass TV where all content is via the internet and Q which has some channels only available through the internet. Although SKY say they will support the satellite system for 3 years, I really do see them changing that commitment. As Rainbow have said for many years, we see Internet TV being the only option to watch UK TV by sometime in 2025.

Back to SKYSTREAM – they say it will work on 1.5mbs internet speed (as Netflix and the like does). This is really a step forward and makes Internet TV available to most of the UK – even the worst internet connections should show excellent quality TV. The delay in closing satellite and antenna TV was the internet quality available to many properties in the UK – SKY seem to have looked at the problem from a different perspective. We will be getting a SKYSTREAM soon and will report on its performance.

Client-friendly easy-to-use Internet UK TV available to us here in Spain does require a reasonable internet supply (8mbs), but that is available to most. If you are struggling with internet supply then 4G (mobile phone signals) may be an answer. We have clients using it with successful TV viewing.  Rainbow have a couple of 4G routers that clients with internet issues  are welcome to try for a few days to see if it is better than their existing supply before making a commitment – ask us – there may be a queue, but we will get you a unit on loan. Our Internet TV package is all inclusive with many features including catch up TV and various libraries to watch.

If you have never tried Internet TV, or have had a bad experience, get in contact with us for a free no-obligation trial for 7 days. If you do subscribe for 6 months or more during February you can get a 20€ discount on the installation fee – please quote “OFFER20FEB”.

Although we see the demise of satellite TV coming soon, we are at present seeing some strong signals on the available frequencies. Winter is always a better time, with a significant reduction in summer, but this winter sees really good signals. Some frequencies (and channels) are just not available. Official FREESAT box viewers will have seen some automatic changes in their listings, notably all the ITV channels going to the HD version on frequencies very marginal in this area. You may have lost these channels – there is really nothing we can do to bring them back on the satellite system. The +1 versions are available (not HD) and unusually the channels in SD are no longer in the listings.

If you are buying a house for the first time or moving contact us for UK TV availability at the property – it is not possible at some.

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