Spring is creeping into Southern Spain – although whilst writing this in mid January the thermometer outside is 4C. ………. but the almonds are in full blossom – I always think a field full of blossom is another wonder of the world. I have asked this before but is there any difference between the pink and white blossom? Or do they both just produce standard almonds?  Many of the almond fields around us have been cleared – they were older trees ……… nothing has replaced them yet so I’m wondering if it will be new almond trees or a completely new crop. It´s nice to see the local farmers on small tractors tending the local crops – driving around there is always massive fields with massive tractors all computer controlled just to supply UK Tesco!

All is well in the RAINBOW household ……. the four dogs are fine with no fosters at the moment. We are still very much involved with the local charity “Friends of Mazarrón Animals” – often spending two days a week moving dogs around! Find FMA on Facebook – lots of animals needing fostering/permanent homes or if you can’t do that there are always volunteer opportunities and events.


The TV industry push towards TV transmissions by the internet route only continues.  We had a closer look at the new SKY TV recently – looks like any other TV but all the required digiboxes are built in so no external boxes and trailing wires. The only input to this TV is by the internet – there is no facility for standard antenna input or satellite input.  Soon, and we put that at about 3 years (a millennium in technology terms!) there will only be internet TV – no more satellite or terrestrial antenna.  Satellite is just too expensive and all the terrestrial frequencies used by TV services will go to the mobile phone companies who will be then able to stream data as fast as they do now on fibre networks.  Back to the SKY TV, it does have four decent speakers – most modern flat screens have inferior speakers (simply because speakers need a “bit of weight”) – look at the popularity of sound bars – simply because in general the TV speakers are inferior. Sound directly from an old “fat” CRT TV was in general far superior to the modern flat screens. We have been waiting for a TV manufacturer to admit this and produce a TV without speakers but supply a separate sound bar.  If you are a little hard of hearing and struggling with the sound from a flat screen TV with its built in speakers try a decent sound bar – the “crispness” and “depth” of sound can make a huge difference to your hearing quality.  Those with more severe hearing difficulties and those who may be using subtitles should try some personal headphones.  These can also make a huge difference to hearing ability.  The sound experience from a TV programme or film can and should totally enhance the viewing experience but so often with inferior speakers it does not.

It is one of the reasons I still love the cinema ……. the big screen is so important for most films that were made for it but also the excellent quality surround sound really enhances the experience – so much better than the “tinny” sound from most modern TV’s.

Going back to internet TV – many have had such bad experiences with inferior products over the years and during the development of the system. However, internet TV really has come of age and is so much better these days. If you have never tried it or had bad experiences give us a call to show you the latest systems and to have a free one week trial to fully assess the system.  You may not want to take the plunge yet but remember internet TV will be the only way to view in the not too distant future. 

That leads us to internet supply.  Your internet TV can only be as good as your internet supply. There are a huge array of factors that can affect viewing (not just speed as most seem to think). Fibre optic supply is generally the best available but is not absolutely perfect – it will still present problems at times.   I liken it to the launch of DVD/CD`s – indestructible perfect sound and picture. We all know that was not the reality and fibre, although good, is not perfect.

That’s it for February – another edition in March  2022.

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