Regular readers of Rainbow Satellites TV News will know that Trevor and Alan assist in the running of Friends of Mazarrón Animals. Blowing my own trumpet, we do a grand job with just volunteers! Every cent raised goes to the animals – not one human benefits! This awful pandemic has affected us all financially – some more so than others – and FMA is not exempt. We receive no grants and all our funds come from either self-raised or donations and the pandemic has stopped all our fund raising activities except our Online Shop (see FMA FB page and get a bargain) and the 100 Club (contribute 2€ a week, paid 10€ monthly and you have a ‘1 in 100’ chance of winning 100€. There is a maximum 100 members (18 places left). Every Friday at 8pm on the FMA Facebook is the live draw to determine that week’s winner; (four-Friday months have two draws on the last Friday.); a little bit of fun, some money to FMA and the chance of winning 500€ a month.

Foster dogs at the Rainbow house – Ben and Emi – are just fine along with the residents Rueben and Tasi. Watch the 100 Club draw and you will probably see them! Contact us for more details.

TV News

ITV Player watchers who paid 10€ (?) a month for an ‘overseas’ subscription will have lost the service – another benefit of Brexit! It is still possible to watch ITV Player and other streaming services with a VPN, but that costs money monthly and all the TV operators say that they have allocated funds to find and close VPN loopholes. The regulators of all countries really do need to sort an overseas viewing method to legally watch any countries’ TV in any other country – but I have been arguing that for the 22 years I have been in the business.

One benefit of Brexit may be that the enforcement of watching UK TV overseas (it is technically illegal) may well become less important to the Spanish Authorities. Under EU law they had to act if a request was made, but I suspect Spain will not now act on a whinging BBC/ITV/SKY complaint, especially with all governments in pandemic debt. I have found, for me, two benefits of Brexit – Stable UK TV and a Blue Passport on renewal! (I could write a book on the losses – to me anyway).

We had a surprise just after Christmas – Movistar installed fibre into our village – which is the back of beyond and we now have fibre internet at 100mbs – with 600 possible at just 19.95€ per month! We always knew the difference a fibre optic connection would make to IPTV (Internet TV), but had never experienced it. Well 10 days in and I don’t think we have seen a TV ‘blip’. Another client living ‘out in the sticks’ has also been connected to Movistar fibre so they are rapidly moving into the campo, having installed in all the towns and villages. If you go to you can apply online and an engineer will come out to assess the possible installation. Ours came within two days and the engineers two days later. If fibre is not yet available (there is a legal requirement to supply every Spanish home with fast internet by, I think, 2024) they will put you on their waiting list and offer you 50MPS by 4G until fibre is possible, but for this you will need a good Movistar mobile signal. The ‘franchise’ company WIMAX have an agreement to use Movistar and Orange fibre installed lines so you can ask through them, especially if you are a WIMAX customer already. I know Movistar had a really bad reputation, especially amongst the expat community, but since competition was introduced into the telecommunications industry they have really improved.

If you are interested in Internet TV then give us a call. We can come and demonstrate and then leave you with a trial box for up to a week. Things have improved substantially since IPTV’s inception just a few years ago.
See the Supporting Local Businesses pages in this month’s Costa Cálida Chronicle for a special offer for IPTV.

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