Any regular readers of TV News will be aware ofFriends of Mazarron Animals (FMA)– a registered charity that Rainbow Satellites are involved with. Last month we told you about Perla, our latest foster girl who found a forever home as soon as posted on Facebook. She went on 2nd January from our home and Jaina arrived soon after. A smaller wire haired Podenco she was found on the streets of Mazarrón Town and taken into care by APROAMA, a Spanish dog rescue, but she spent her waiting days in kennels. Rainbow have now fostered her and she will remain here until her forever home is found.  So often we get told “I couldn’t foster. It would be impossible to let them go.” I have to say that is absolutely right, but to foster is giving another dog in need a chance at a forever home. Trevor and Alan at Rainbow have had many tears when the foster dog leaves, but we also know we will give another dog a chance. It is the period between taking a dog on and finding that home that is a huge problem. Could you foster? Try it! Give us a call to get all the details. Just a word of warning – we have a huge ‘failed Fosterers club’ when fosterers decide to adopt! That is not really what we want of you; we need short term care.

TV News

We have had lots of enquiries and job requests to ‘realign’ dishes as channels have been lost on the satellite system. As we have been predicting for many months, channels on the satellite system are slowly migrating to frequencies unobtainable in southern Spain. The system really does have a limited life here and if you have lost a channel you like it probably is just not available on the satellite system now. We can try to tweak dishes to the changed frequency, but often it is just not possible.

TV viewers from satellite systems will have to rethink in the coming few years and Internet TV will be the only way forward. So many TV viewers have had bad experiences with Internet TV and they are reluctant to permanently move away from satellite reception, but we predict you will have to. Internet TV can give perfect viewing with easy to operate systems, BUT you will need a good reliable stable internet supply from a provider that supports internet TV and a professionally managed internet TV supplier. There are so many ‘amateur’ systems on the market place. Yes they are cheap, but what is the point in missing the last few minutes of a programme – the only bit you want to see – or having TV go off on Friday and not to come back until midday Monday?

If you are considering Internet TV, or you have tried it with a bad experience, give Rainbow a call and let us guide you through successful Internet TV viewing. We are so convinced our system works well that we believe we are the only TV company to offer an in-home demonstration and a free loan system for up to seven days so that you can test our system properly before you commit to buy. Give us a call.

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Contact us for a free survey of any property to tell you the possibilities of viewing UK TV. We have just returned from a property survey that has huge pine trees in the line of sight of a satellite dish – a no go – and the location has no stable internet supply. That meant really disappointed new dream home owners. Give us a call to assess the UK TV possibility before you finally buy.  

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