Well that’s 2021 almost gone – where?    

I thought these strange times of lockdown and isolation would absolutely drag by, but they seem to have flown. It’s now approaching 2 years since the world had to deal with COVID and it seems, for me anyway, just a short while ago.  Regular readers will know we have a big garden that is now going into its winter phase; the growing season. Plants have ‘hung on’, almost dormant during the summer heat and are now growing to get established. Out with the pruning shears and trimming back all the plants that want to invade our space! All our pets are fine; 2 + 2 dogs (we look after a pair when the owner has to work away), some feral cats, terrapins, pond fish and house tank fish.  In the garden we have many chameleons, lizards, snakes and many more as the garden is ‘au naturel’ with some management.

Rainbow Satellites are also involved with the charity Friends of Mazarron Animals – see the Facebook page – a local charity that does so much good work with local animals in need. Volunteers are always needed to help with the odd job, transport, fostering and so much more. Just contact us for information.


A few of you have asked about the APP we have mentioned in the last two newsletters, but surprisingly not many. For under a tenner we can repeat ALL your IPTV box content (whoever the provider is) on your phone or tablet. I have used it so much in the car (as a passenger) to catch up on bits I have missed or new content. Today I caught up on ‘Strictly’ as the internet went off at a critical moment. It is simple to copy all your IPTV content to your phone or tablet – just ask us. 

Satellite Systems

Winter signals are back – higher than summer signals and this year seem to be higher than they have ever been. Usually Winter signals do not get back as high as the previous winter, but this year they seem to be extremely strong. Those of you with smaller dishes should be seeing channel reception better than for many years. However our prediction that the satellite system is finished in a few years’ time remains.

We are sure you have seen the adverts for the new SKY TV – everything built in – no external digibox required. This is an internet-only device with no satellite dish required. As soon as this is established there will be no satellite TV transmissions.

Internet TV is the Future

There will be no more satellite or conventional antenna TV in just a few years. The mobile phone operators want all the TV transmission frequencies. If you think your mobile phone is ‘fabulous’ now. just wait until the TV frequencies are available to the mobile phone companies – huge changes which are all prepared are in place. Internet TV is the way forward for all TV viewing. Rainbow Satellites have some of the latest products available, not only in content, but also in reliability. We offer a free in-home no-obligation demonstration and a loan box for up to 7 days so that you can fully assess the system before committing to a purchase. Many of us in southern Spain tried the early days of internet TV and had such a bad experience – try it again. Things really have moved on.

It really will be the only way to watch UK TV in Spain in a very short few years.

Are you moving to Spain? Contact us for the TV options – we do often hear “We are not coming to Spain for UK TV”, but the winters are long dark and chilly and you may want UK TV. In some properties it is just not possible, so before you sign the final dotted line, ask us if UK TV is possible at the site.

Finally may we at Rainbow Satellites wish all our clients a very Happy Christmas Season and may 2022 bring you all you wish for. 

That’s all the space gone for this month. More TV news in January 2022!!!

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