I just typed DECEMBER! —– Where did the very odd 2020 go?
Before I forget; a very happy Christmas and wishing us all a ‘normal’ 2021 – the vaccine just announced as I type, may get 2021 into some kind of ‘normality’.
Rainbow Satellites actively support the local charity Friends of Mazarron Animals and we always have one or two foster dogs here at home as well as our resident two. Last month we had the lovely Conchita who has now gone on her way to her forever home in the UK – huge emotions when she went. We had collected her as a ‘bag of bones’ from a local vet – long story, but she had not eaten for ages – and on her last visit to the vet I was told off as she was a little overweight!
Good luck Conchita. We also had Ben; thick with fleas, tics, worms and Leishmania. He is well on the mend and we have just sent his blood for latest analysis. The Leishmania will probably never go, but can be controlled. A permanent home now required. Then Emi arrived – a small galgo found on the streets with no front teeth and a very sore rear end – probably kept in a tiny cage and continually gnawing to escape wore her teeth down, or purposely filed away so no damage was done to any prey caught. With love, good food and a big garden she is well on the way to recovery with that wonderful galgo temperament. She needs a permanent home.
If you can give a dog a foster home please contact FMA. It is the time between taking them in and finding that home which is always difficult.


Readers with official FREESAT boxes will probably have noted that FREESAT has moved ITV1 HD into slot 103 and this version of the channel is difficult to receive in Southern Spain.
However they have moved the SD version (better signal) to channel 111 and this should be watchable without any interruptions. Watch ITV1 on 111 and if you have a recording box, record on that channel too. We have been asked to call by and move 111 to 103 but that is just not possible – the channel numbers are fixed by FREESAT.
If you watch FREESAT on a universal satellite box (not official FREESAT) you may have ‘lost’ ITV1. Just rescan your box to bring it back. All channels will be in a different order, but all available – any problems contact us and we will call by to assist.
Regular readers (and I think it’s some 20 odd years we have been writing this monthly article) will know that we have been predicting the demise of FREESAT in Southern Spain for some time. This ITV1 HD move is just another nail in the coffin. Soon the SD version will be removed and that will make ITV1 impossible for many installations to receive. UK satellite will probably disappear down here before it does in the UK, but even in the UK it will not have many more years.
Have you noted how the channels are promoting internet TV? They used to say “Also available on iplayer”. Now they say “Available on iplayer and regular TV” often releasing entire series to watch in its entirety before being broadcast on TV- The emphasis is moving to internet TV where, within at the very most 10 years, all TV will be available from. There will be no antennas or satellites. As you steadily lose channels from your satellite system, you will have to move to internet TV (IPTV) which in itself can be a nightmare to the regular noncomputer geek viewer. Many have had disastrous experiences trying to simply watch TV via the internet, but technology has moved on and the systems offered by Rainbow Satellites are now as simple to use as your satellite TV box. Ask for a free no obligation home demonstration and the loan of a box for up to a week to see how it all works and if you like it we can offer a discount on the equipment and 12 months subscription for the price of 11.
If you are new to Spain, or if you are moving house, do not get talked into buying a new satellite system for your UK TV reception. You will need a massive satellite dish and the cost will be around 1,000€ – and as we have said, the system will be ‘dead’ in a few years.
Go the internet route.
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