Rainbow Satellites support the local charity Friends of Mazarrón Animals (FMA). We usually have a foster dog in residence along with our own two, but circumstances have not allowed that in recent months. We are now looking for a suitable foster that will fit in with the household.  Many people we speak to ask us how we can let a foster dog go having had it in the house – in some cases months. It is extremely difficult and there certainly have been tears, but we know we have given that dog the first step up in a new life and we can now help another. The time between accepting the rescue and that permanent home is always the big problem. We can always kennel them – and we have some fabulous kennels that help us – but there is nothing like a home to start the rehabilitation often needed. These dogs can be ‘difficult’, but the rewards are tremendous. Please consider a foster – there will always be lots of back up from FMA.


Into midsummer and we are at the annual point of satellite signals being at their weakest and this year most signals seem to be the weakest we have ever known. Most satellite systems will have lost a channel or two and the smaller the dish the more problems you will have. We get many phone calls asking us to come and realign a dish to get the channels back, but for some, that is just not possible.  We see so many ‘experts”’ on social media saying how the satellite has moved, but this is not the case. If the satellite moved the many millions of dishes looking at it would need readjusting and I can assure you the TV companies are not going to do that. Satellites are in a fixed stationary orbit (compared to earth) and barring a major technical problem that is where they are staying.

It is the hot thinner air that attenuates the signal every summer.


Get a bigger dish – not recommended as the UK satellite system has a limited life – we give it 3 years when there won’t be much to watch on satellite so any money spent on a bigger dish will just be wasted.  You can wait until autumn when we expect the signals to become stronger again, although every winter they never get back to the levels of the previous winter. 

Get Internet TV. Anyone who listens to the continuity announcers will have noted they are now always ‘pushing’ everyone to watch on a streaming service and the regular TV antenna system/satellite is last on the list.  They also put whole series on the Internet stream way before regular TV. This is all to move your viewing habits to the Internet so the more conventional methods can be closed down. The hugely expensive satellite system will not get replaced and all the TV frequencies used by regular antenna will be sold to the mobile phone companies – then you will see some huge innovations in phone technology.

Internet TV

We know many have had bad experiences and have said ‘never again’. There are lots of reasons for this, amongst them Internet issues where the ISP cannot handle the new huge demand of TV watching and the very ‘amateur’ systems that have been flying around with unscrupulous vendors and market stalls.  Things really have moved on with most ISPs improving their service and fibre optic transmissions becoming available to most, along with many professionally managed Internet TV  systems that will carry a small subscription to keep them running – not like free TV Apps that all disappear after a while simply because they have no income!

The Rainbow Satellite systems are all excellent TV packs with lots more included and are backed by our warranty and after-sales service – 23 years in this business!  The best way to see and appreciate a system is to have a free no-obligation home demonstration and the loan of a box for up to a week to properly assess. Just contact us to arrange.

That’s it for August – another edition in September 2021.

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