Reading this in April we will be a quarter of the way through the year! Where does the time go, and getting older the time seems to go even quicker?  Spring in our gorgeous part of Southern Spain is well on the way.  We have seen 3 goldfish in the pond having not seen any since October, and the two terrapins are far more active. Plants are starting to grow as are the weeds after the few days of rain. Heaters will stop being used and we will all be waving our hands saying how hot it is. 

The resident dogs are all well but our semi domestic cats have all disappeared – off to better food?  RAINBOW SATELLITES supports the local legal charity “Friends of Mazarron Animals (FMA)” who help any local animals in need – have a look on Facebookand “like us”. We are always in need of volunteers and foster homes.  FMA will always eventually find any animal a home but the time between taking it on and finding that home is always difficult. We use some fabulous kennels but often we have a traumatised animal that needs to start its journey to loved home life – could you foster? It is not easy and letting them go after a period of time living with you is very difficult but it is with the knowledge that you have started its journey and you can then help another!

Contact us for any further information.


Any regular readers will know I have been predicting the demise of the UK satellite system for some years – two to three years and it will no longer exist. All TV will be by internet.

We have heard of a further “nail in its coffin” – SKY are taking some of the services off its SKYPLUS boxes – “search feature” being one of them. When the clients contact SKY asking for a “repair” an engineer is sent round who says “that fault is not repairable” but you can have it back with a SKY Q system! So he (or she!) replaces the PLUS with the Q – the way SKY are desperate for all subscribers to go, as the Q box can be operated with internet only. Generally at the moment some channels are by satellite but soon will be all via the internet as is the new SKY GLASS TV – all channels available but no satellite dish connection.

Internet TV is the future – have you tried it yet? Many tried in the early days and had (predictably) disastrous results often due to the internet supply not being able to cope with this new intense demand.

Things really have changed – give it another try – we offer a free in home demonstration and the loan of a system for a week to fully test it. Try before you buy!  Ask for “APR 22 offer” to get a month free when you subscribe for a year.

Going back to the SKY GLASS system, have any of you noticed the “huge” speakers on the TV. These modern, under a kilo, ultra flat screen TV’s generally have awful sound quality – decent sound needs a “bit of a weighty” speaker. I am surprised that a TV manufacturer has not “admitted” this and made a TV without speakers and saying (or supplying separately) a sound bar is needed.  All new TV’s have an optical output – almost an admission that the attached speakers are poor quality – SKY GLASS has almost done this and it’s a big feature of their adverts. One of our frequent enquiries is “can you improve our sound quality?”  ………. we suggest, and often install, a sound bar. Just be aware that they are available from 30€ upwards – the cheaper end will just take you back to the original problem – poor sound quality. I would say you need to pay 100€ upwards – we install an LG unit with a separate bass speaker that costs around 170€ but the results are so worth it. Clients say “I can hear the words again!”  It is not about volume but about clarity and quality of the sound.  However, if you are a little hard of hearing have you considered a set of headphones – they can make a huge difference and save your partners ears from having the volume turned up full.  A decent set will not only improve the sound quality but eliminate external noise that can help in the hearing process.

Remember subtitles are generally available for those with severe hearing problems as is audio description for sight impaired people.

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That’s it for April  – another edition in May 2022.

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