Writing in mid-March the weather seems to be moving well into spring and our glorious summer days. Next week the clocks will spring forward and I expect that will be the last of our nightly log fires – much to the disgust of the dogs!

We have had two foster dogs for the last months (as well as our own two) – Ben travelled to Germany on 25th March and Emi goes to Italy on 12th April. There will be tears when they go – on arrival they were ill, hungry and frightened dogs – now they are confident, beautiful, healthy pets moving to new fabulous homes.  After a short break we will take on another one or two as fostering dogs helps them on their way to new permanent homes. Please consider fostering – its difficult hard work, but is hugely rewarding.

Rainbow Satellites are sponsors of the fabulous local charity Friends of Mazarron Animals – please contact us or them for more information.


Fibre internet, which will be the only way TV will be delivered to homes in the not too distant future, is getting rapidly installed in the Spanish countryside. Most cities and towns now have full coverage and the installation engineers are moving out into the villages and countryside.  I live at the end of a remote village but now have 300mbs fibre installed (600 possible).  My TV reception has gone from being good to excellent and running two boxes in separate rooms is now possible.  The thing I smile about is that in the campo the new ‘state of the art’ fibre cable is being strung along the old wooden telegraph poles alongside the old copper cables!

I am a reasonably technical person, but I cannot get my head round all the data (several TV channels, emails, books etc) for each house in my village going down one tiny bit of glass cable. We all used to have our own (slow) copper cable from house to exchange, but now we all share a glass tube! After my fibre installation at home I dissected a length of scrap fibre cable the engineer had left – plastic weather proof outer cable then lots of wound nylon (?) strands for the cable strength to string it from post to post and centrally a tiny glass strand smaller than a pencil lead, that ‘tons’ of data gets transmitted down.

If you are in a city or town you will probably have several options for fibre installation, but out in the countryside it seems to be only Movistar.  If you want to see your availability go to movistar.es and apply online (bit of Spanish needed). An engineer will come and tell you what is available (for me they had to run half a km of cable!). There is no installation charge; just the monthly internet fee that is very reasonable.   If fibre is not yet available, I understand you will be offered a 50mbs 4G router (internet from the mobile phone signal) until fibre is available and at the fibre rates – not the normal 4G excessive rates.

Lastly on internet; if I mention ‘Movistar’ to many clients, I get the reaction “Wouldn’t touch them from past experience!” My experience is that in the past, when they had a monopoly, they were an arrogant difficult company to deal with, but with the competition now available, that really has changed.

Having got some decent internet, you will want decent TV! Rainbow Satellites offer a free no-obligation in-home demonstration and then the loan of a box for up to a week so that you can fully assess the system before making a decision to buy.  Just give us a call to arrange.

Finally; for all you still on satellite, we are heading into our summer lower signals. Every year this happens and every year we get the same spring time calls “I am losing some channels – help!”

Generally there is not much we can do except to check that your dish is doing all that is possible. Location and dish size is critical for good UK satellite TV – the further south the bigger the dish needed. We can see significant differences in signal strengths from just Camposol to Puerto de Mazarrón. Bigger dish or internet TV are the only answers.

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