I am writing this on day one of ‘lockdown’ – to meet printer’s deadlines – and it feels ‘odd’. When you read this, hopefully we will be at the end of ‘lockdown’ – how will we all feel then? We cannot go out for any unnecessary purpose and the defined ‘necessary’ ones are quite limited – food shopping, BUT only one person allowed to go; the same for the chemist, bank and vets. Even dog walking is restricted to one person; no chatting and just briefly walk local to dog’s home.

As any regular readers will know we support Friends of Mazarron Animals and ALL our fund raising has had to be suspended, including our Queen Tribute gig – our BIG March money maker. All charities depend on the huge generosity of the public, but during this ‘lockdown’, all the charities will have the same expenses – vet bills and kennel fees will be ongoing. If you are a ‘charity donator’, perhaps give an extra euro this month. If you are not a ‘charity donator’ try giving a euro to a cause close to you. It feels good and a euro is great – every single one helps. If 1,000 people from a local population of several million gave FMA a euro, our ‘lockdown’ period would be covered financially.


Well it’s back to ‘lockdown’ – today we have had calls from two elderly single clients whose TV has gone down. What can we do immediately? – well nothing! We cannot travel to them to fix it and over the phone we have failed. Some way Rainbow Satellites will get to them in the next day or so and repair their TV.  Technology companies can operate – but in their office.  They are not allowed to visit clients, with fines of up to €60,000 in operation. Where I am going with this is keeping some community spirit going. It is probably illegal to actually walk round to your neighbour and see if all is well, but you can shout over the fence and make a phone call. Let’s all think locally to us – don’t be insular with “I am alright.”

Internet TV has had some recent issues with a major server crash, caused by some very suspect major interference. It is generally back working now, but if you have any issues and you cannot contact your supplier, Rainbow Satellites may be able to help – give us a call.  I have said this before; we are not the cheapest system available, but ours does work! We maintain it properly and we are always available to answer a query. I am sure we have the best product and customer service available in this sector.

We have noted that with spring in the air the UK satellite signals have started to weaken from their winter highs. Every year the signals are stronger in winter and as summer approaches they get weaker, so that in July/August, many channels, especially on the smaller dishes, are just not watchable. Every year we get calls saying “Please come and tweak our dish to get the channels back.” Here we explain the situation – It’s not that your dish has moved, it is the signal strengths getting weaker. The only answer is a bigger dish or Internet TV, or enjoy the glorious Spanish summer and go back to TV next winter!

If you are buying a house in this glorious part of Spain, ensure that UK TV will be available. You will want it – it is not all sun and sangria!  Huge dishes are needed or A1 excellent internet and they are not always available. Give your local TV expert (us!!!) a call and get a site survey for TV before you finally buy that dream property. Do not take the present owners’ word or the agent’s word that UK TV is available. We recently had a case that a client was told that and all that was available was SKY NEWS! That is available on dustbin lid pointed to the SKY – but BBC/ITV is a different story – but then UK TV was technically available at the property!

That’s it for April – quarter of the year has gone already!

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