Torre Pacheco is a Spanish municipality in the autonomous community of Murcia. It has a population of about 27,400. The area around the town is fairly flat and is therefore ideal for the agricultural industry with acres of land being planted to vegetables such as lettuce, melons, broccoli and one of the Spanish favourites, artichokes. Torre Pacheco is framed by Sierra Carascoy to the north and Sierras Betias Cartageneros to the south. Because of the winds that blow across the area, windmills or ‘molinos’ were used to create energy. Some of there windmills have been renovated and are lived in, but there are numerous ones around that are of historic interest. The only elevation of the municipality is the Cabezo Gordo, where the caves of Sima de las Palomas are. The second oldest human remains in the Iberian Peninsula after Atapuerca were found in this cave. The IFEPA centre is where many exhibitions are held and thousands of visitors come from all over Spain to attractions such as the huge antiques fayre and the annual horse fayre. Market day in Torre Pacheco is on Saturdays.


June 1st – Fiestas Trinitario-Berberiscas

July 12-15th – Fiestas de Melon

October 7th – Fiestas Patronales