‘Long awaited new Thriller by local Author now Released’

We reviewed Quentin Cope’s book ‘The Unicorn Conspiracy’ in September 2012. Now released on Amazon October 1st is the long-awaited new novel from Quentin who is a resident of Camposol here on the Costa Cálida.

Quentin was born in UK and spent his youth surrounded by the pleasant countryside of Middle England in Oxfordshire. At the age of 15 he went off to join the British Royal Air Force … and never looked back. These were exciting times to be part of a Hi-Tech military unit with the cold war in full swing and the possibility of a nuclear strike against the west imminent. After leaving the Air Force and with a restless outlook, he took on several jobs that took him travelling across Eastern and Western Europe and then into Africa. Nurturing an unfortunate ability of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Quentin finally found himself caught up in the horrific Biafra conflict in Nigeria and with a certain amount of scarred memory tissue to prove the point, he decided to travel East in search of less wearing adventures. In the early 70’s, Quentin headed for Dubai: for the smell of the spice souk, the sail of the Dhow outlined on a distant horizon and the promise of a fortune at the end of a Middle Eastern rainbow. For the next 25 years, he was fortunate enough to witness and become part of the extraordinary growth of a place that literally rose out of a desert wasteland resembling a golden Phoenix … accompanied by the continuing horror of yet even more war. After returning to the UK in the late 90’s, still restless, Quentin decided to spend some ‘writing time’ in Spain, a decision that has served him well with the completion and publishing of eight books to the middle of 2013 and another full length novel on the drawing board.

‘The Ludlum Prediction’ is a quickly moving, gripping work of fiction built around the story of one man totally immersed in the near fantasy technology of ‘Data Mining’ along with one super computer, a determined powerful religious sect and the limitless resources of some of the world’s biggest intelligence agencies. In the end, they inevitably have to combine to pursue what has become known in the secret world of intelligence as ‘The Ludlum Prediction’.

Is this a prophetic event …  a second coming … and if so … the second coming of what? Could it really happen … has it already happened and are we living with its consequences right now?

This 270 page paperback is available on Amazon as is the Kindle E-Book version and other books by Quentin Cope include:

Fiction: Nostradamus; The Last Christmas; The Unicorn Conspiracy; The Geneveh Project and Rosalind.

Non-Fiction: A Novel Idea; 501 Writers Useful Phrases; 501 ‘MORE’ Writers Useful Phrases; and 501 Writers One-Liners.