Certain TV programmes begin with a warning. The contents may cause offence or some such thing, so here is my warning: I may offend you! At least I may make you think!

I was told this morning about a couple sitting on a half empty‘plane. They weren’t wearing face masks and the crew implored them to comply. Eventually the Captain arrived with the same request. They still refused. The woman was ‘mouthy’. The Police were called with the same result. The rest is history. It must be a true story if it was on Facebook!

This afternoon I was with my wife in the supermarket doing our weekly shop. Two teenage lads had taken a football from a display and were kicking it up and down an aisle, not caring who got hit. I waited for it to hit me, but my luck was out! Their parents continued shopping. They were a Brit family!

For twenty years I have been reflecting on writing a book where older people are seen as an unjustifiable financial drain on society. I feel the time is now right and I am on chapter five.

Time to Say Goodbye is set in 2022 and they receive a top-up virus vaccine injection from a smiling nurse, but it isn’t what it says on the label. Mass unemployment, families struggling, the economy is in downfall. There is no money to pay for social care and there are riots everywhere. A strong leader emerges. Democracy? Well, difficult times demand difficult decisions. History again. I will let you know when it is published. My publisher is on board which is a good start. Cheer up, it’s only fiction …
Where does being a Christian fit into all this?

Personally, it is the only thing that keeps me (reasonably) sane. I am doing a Bible Discussion at the moment via Zoom, and we have been looking at good and evil; trying to understand the Old Testament. It’s not fiction, but is a prelude to the New Testament which people find easier to understand. They don’t like the violence in the Old Testament – Welcome to the real world! Humanity! OK, there are still many good people. It ain’t all doom and gloom – far from it, but there is also a lot of pressure out there which confuses rational decision.

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Bye for now and God bless you
Rev Andrew