On a Sunday morning in July we had a surprise visit to our wooden chapel by Andy Flute, an ex-pro-boxer who fell from the pinnacle of boxing to a deep pit of dark despair through alcohol misuse. Andy gave a moving testimony how his addiction to alcohol lost him his wife and three children and he went to prison. He would do anything for money to buy booze. He prayed to God from the pit; ‘Help me God!’

Andy rose from the pit and became an evangelist for Christ, speaking in prisons, to knife gangs, youth groups and churches. He wrote a book about his experiences Jesus in My Corner. It is well worth a read!

On Friday 13th (good date!) September from 8pm I am holding a Gospel Karaoke Night at the Alandalus restaurant in Calasparra at the start of the Tierra del Sol urbanization (road to the Sanctuary). The renowned Dave Waring will be playing well known Gospel songs by Johnny Cash and others, plus Peter Smith will be playing his guitar and singing live. It is free entry with a raffle. Why not come along whether you are a Christian or not and enjoy a great night! You might even see me doing my Wild Thing (The Troggs)impression in a long wig, but this depends on how many ‘Come on Rev, do it!’ cries I get!! God help me …

See our poster on the previous page.

God has a fantastic sense of humour; well I think so! He called me to ordination …

For details of the Gospel Karaoke Night and/or my services in Calasparra every Sunday at 11am please contact me (or if you just need a chat with a guy who listens confidentially):

ahrea2@yahoo.co.uk or ring 634 386 179

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‘Bye for now and God bless

Rev Andrew