Are you ‘religious’? I hope not!

Being religious has been defined as; belief in the sacred; religious groups or cults; ritual. Religion emerged when humans began to assemble into larger groups. I can go with belief in the sacred. It’s when I start to think about religious groups or cults and rituals that my hackles rise.

I ask where love fits in?

The Apostle Paul said love is the greatest gift; not something we do, but something that is done to us and that we participate in. It’s something we fall into. We say “I’ve fallen in love”.

We recognize love not as something we can achieve by willpower. We fall through our life situation into our real life. All your life situations and all your life events are used by God. They often are not consciously religious.

For Paul, love is the realm for perfect seeing. When we’re in love, we are able to ‘see’ correctly. When we’re reading reality correctly, we will love, we will know how to love and we will be ‘in love.’ We will not have a judgmental, negative, or critical stance. We’ll see what’s really happening. From some place we do not completely understand, comes this capacity to forgive, to embrace, to compassionately understand, to let go and to hand over my small self to the Big Self that we call God, or our Higher Power.

I guess many Churches and many religions, have got it wrong. My small self becomes so important that we fail to see the ‘Big Self’, to understand the nature of God – perfect love

Love makes the world go around. In all the chaos, all the hatred, all the bad stuff, love still hangs on in there in our human family. We want to help each other, make things better, so don’t focus on all the negativity; focus on all the love.

Paul’s conviction is that he is fully known. He’s been fully seen all the way through, ‘warts and all’ and everything has been forgiven; everything has been accepted. The realization is if I can be fully known and loved and seen for what I am, then all I can do is return the compliment to the rest of reality and know the way back I have been shown. 

You may have been put off ‘religion’ by bad press or personal experience and I’m sorry for that. Believe me I’ve got the T-shirt! If you would like to talk confidentially, I’m always available. Truly! We can do it via Zoom – you send me your email address, I send you a Zoom link and we have our own private meeting. Simples!

‘Bye for now and God bless

Rev Andrew

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