Remember the days when you kept coins in your car in case you had to make an urgent telephone call?

“Sorry, late for the meeting. Heavy traffic. Be there asap. Oops, money running out …”
This seems like yesterday!
Cue – Lennon/McCartney:
‘Yesterday, All my troubles seemed so far away.
Now it looks as though they’re here to stay.
Oh, I believe in yesterday.’

We oldies remember ‘yesterday’ and wonder about all the technological advances made in our lifetime. We love telling our grandkids that we never had mobile ‘phones, so put yours away at the table.

Yeah, we played round black discs on a thing called a record-player. Explain about YouTube again! Sometimes I feel like Hans Brinker the little Dutch boy who allegedly put his finger in a dike; except he never did. In fact he never lived! All make believe.

So what’s fake news and what isn’t? You tell me. One good thing about ‘yesterday’ is that we didn’t have all this stuff spinning around trying to attract our attention. Social media; OK it has good points, though some drawbacks. That’s why I keep focused on the truth of the Bible. Many would say that’s fake news, for the gullible.

Someone commented last week on a Facebook post about Christianity; “Why believe in a divine being when you have to sort out your own problems?”

Fine, but all I see is humanity being inhumane and very few being able to sort out their own life. For me it’s not about a God who sorts everything out. It’s about having a loving Father who sent His Son to pay the price for all my mess-ups; to hang on a cruel cross so I can be forgiven and have a purpose in my life, other than me. Me rules OK, but how much I would miss out on if that was my main philosophy …?

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God bless you
Rev Andrew