People ask me lots of questions; mainly “Why me?” “Why them?”

I have tried to walk with God for decades, stumbling most of the time.

I have degrees in this and that includes theology, but I don’t know the answer.

I have written a book entitled Holy Inadequate which I think sums me up. It is my autobiography through years of questions and will be published in a few months.

God is Love. Three beautiful words, but then comes three important letters W H Y ?

Why did I get cancer?

Why did the person I love get sick?

Why did my loved one die?

Why does God allow so much suffering in the world?

I only wish I had the answer, but I ain’t God! I hope and pray you survived the storms lately. I am just recovering from a big disappointment – the tremendous rain this week made me cancel the Gospel Karaoke Night planned for Friday 13th September. I knew it was an iffy date! It has been rescheduled for Friday 20th September and I can tell you about it next month; me in a long wig with a black bow, trendy jacket and silver and white boots. With my dog collar! Rockin’ away!

People said pray for good weather; you have a hot line up there. I did, but it didn’t work for the 13th. Then I realised that people who couldn’t come on the 13th can come on the 20th; a small matter in the greater scheme of things, changing a date. It’s nothing really, except causing me a lot of extra work. I’ll survive. That’s the closing line in my book “I have survived. We all survive I guess, one way or another …”.

We do; it is a vital part of being human – wars, serious illness, even death and even that living-death Brexit! One day I hope to know all the answers, but it won’t be in this life, so just gotta ‘Rock On’ and keep the Faith.

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‘By for now and God bless you

Rev Andrew