This year, 13th November is Remembrance Sunday and as chaplain of the Murcia and Orihuela Costa branches of The Royal British Legion, I have the honour of conducting the Remembrance Service at Mil Palmeras.

As each year passes, we become more aware that time marches on regardless. We become even more aware of the deeply moving words of Robert Laurence Binyon:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn

Whatever our situation, good or bad, we have been blessed with the opportunity to live a full life. We remember with love and gratitude those who were not so blessed. We ask ourselves if we have built a brave new world on the ashes of the Fallen; a world they would be proud to inhabit.

If you watch or listen to the news, you will know that the world is in a terrible mess; war, hunger, power struggles, climate change, politics, the list goes on.

It is fair to ask the question “If God exists, where is He?”

My response is another question “Yes He exists. Where do you want Him to be?”

God gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, to show His love for the world. 

That’s the problem! The world is full of love, but greed and the desire for power rule, so we can’t find solutions because we look at everything from completely the wrong perspective. The good people are mainly ruled by greedy liars and cheats to one degree or another, so don’t blame God! He has given us the answer, but we refuse to accept it. We blast through life with our own agenda, trying to fill our own needs. One man’s meat is another man’s poison, thus the result is utter chaos.

For the majority the answer is to blame God, deny His existence. Oh ye of little faith!

If you want to talk to me, I am always available.

‘Bye for now and God bless

Rev Andrew