We’ve Gone Live!

Bonfire Night is here again. I don’t expect people will be celebrating in public this year and the animals will be glad. I see the farmers are starting to burn on the campo, but they must have their licenses.

People are getting sick and tired of being bossed around; you can’t do this; you can’t do that. The Spanish are more used to being told what to do, but we Brits have always challenged authority and ask questions. This old Brit challenges everything, accepts nothing at face value and embraces the title ‘Rebel With(out) a Cause’!

Soon it will be Christmas – what Christmas this year?

So many questions!
Will the United States get a new President?
Will a vaccine for ‘you know what’ appear on the horizon soon?
Sound a Bit Depressing?

Sorry, I’m supposed to cheer people up. Here goes:

We all have a loving God. Switch off quickly! If He exists, it’s all His fault anyway … OK, not all reject Him, but for the majority!!

Our small team at The Olive Grove Retreat in Calasparra, Murcia are going virtual. Actually, I have been doing services via Zoom for months and use Facebook but now we are going a stage further – combining Zoom and Facebook!

On Saturday evenings I will upload a Worship Service (recorded on Zoom by the team) and upload to The Olive Grove Retreat Facebook page, so anyone can watch at any time; on Sunday mornings or whenever. I have even got a YouTube page now (and soon I will hopefully work out how to use it!)

Ha, modern technology can either pass you by in grateful ignorance, or you can use it, so I’m having a go, learning as I go along. Nothing ventured …!!
If you would like further details, or just a confidential chat, please do contact me at ahrea2@yahoo.co.uk or ring 634 386 179

‘Bye for now and God bless you
Rev Andrew