Remembrance Sunday approaches; every Poppy leaf a life.

What would those lives given for freedom and peace make of our today? Do we honour them in our world still full of hate and injustice, so quick to condemn and exert our rights bought at such a terrible price? As Shakespeare says ‘Ah, there’s the rub’.

I mentioned last month that I would tell you about the Gospel Karaoke Night in September. Well it was a success and from the raffle we raised money to buy a special boot to help little Manuel start to walk. Manuel was rejected by his mother at birth because of his deformity and severe disability and he has been brought up by his maternal gran. She is now in hospital with terminal cancer and the concern is who will look after the little lad. Some people seem to get all the bad luck!

Life is full of uncertainty. As a clergyman I have to keep my thoughts to myself; not seen to be siding with this or that. As a human being I have feelings, some very strong! The dog knows all about that! She is a wonderful confidante bless her. She walks round the house with me in the middle of the night, but won’t tell anyone. She listens to my rants as I read posts on social media or watch the news. She understands my emotions and only asks to be loved. She is always there, faithful and true; constant in all the chaos.

I have another friend, Jesus. Amazingly He walked this earth as a human being; truly Man, truly God. He listens and understands, knows every situation and weeps. Many years ago my English teacher said the shortest subject and verb in the English language is ‘Jesus wept’. He does, every second of every day, yet He doesn’t judge or criticise, He is just an ever-present Friend. He understands all life’s small and big problems; He bore them on His body on the Cross. This certain knowledge helps me to keep life in perspective, to try to see the wood and not just the trees.

Oh I can’t prove it, but I know it in my heart. Some would say that is a cop-out, running away from the harsh reality of life; a place to hide. I have never run away from anything in my life and have fought battles which have cost me dearly; still do. Justice burns and leaves scars, yet in all the madness, injustice and pain that so many suffer, for me there is still hope. Hope springs eternal. 

If you would like a confidential chat or need help; anything a battered old priest might assist with – a sympathetic Funeral, renewal of Wedding Vows, a Wedding Blessing after a civil ceremony, then please do get in touch. I am a friendly ear in a crazy world.

Tel 634 386 179

‘Bye for now and God bless you.

Rev Andrew