Have you got your mobile handy? What would we do without that gadget, which is so much more than just a ‘phone; it’s a computer, camera…actually it is just 50 years since the first mobile ‘phone made a call. It was a huge apparatus with a battery life of half an hour! We used to call them bricks! Do you remember Del Boy showing off his executive remote controlled mobile ‘phone?

The world today is ruled by social media, good and bad. I use social media; Facebook for a few years, now Instagram and very soon TikTok. I post my short videos on YouTube under the heading ‘chatsparkbench’, where I chat with my good friend Gerry in Ireland about matters which may be of interest. At the moment we are discussing Power and Churches – how many people are put off Christianity by misuse of power by some churches and all the bad press. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=chatsparkbench

I am also using social media for my books (links below) and soon BokTok when I’ve worked out how to use it! I have to admit that someone who understands social media is helping me.

I often think of the writing of the Bible – how the message got out there and still does. It is amazing. There can be no doubt that the Holy Spirit, the Helper, was inspiring and ‘spread the Word’ long before social media. Parchment and papyrus scrolls were superseded by high quality unlined paper, used for example, by Charles Dickens and his customary goose quill pen. 

My experience only goes back as far as a typewriter and carbon paper! Now I use a laptop with Microsoft Word and the luxury of editing as I go along, copying and pasting, using the Internet for reference instead of spending hours at my local library. Do these still exist?

OK, we have come a long way. I guess humanity hasn’t changed though for all our progress. The Bible is a history book that speaks to us today, if we have the time and inclination to listen.

It is always good to hear from you. Please do contact me if you need help or just for a chat. Here are the book links I mention:

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‘Bye for now and God bless you

Rev Andrew