Ha! Never mind! The Rockin’ Vicar! These days I feel more like The Wobbly Vicar! Jobs have to wait while I sit in my chair and think about them!

It’s good to sit and reflect, but no action makes Jack a dull boy. Jobs don’t do themselves and I guess many of you know what I mean.

Here we are so fortunate to have a guy who keeps our olive groves in order. He is a retired builder and can turn his hand to anything. We communicate in Spanish and all goes brilliantly. He does so many jobs and is 100% reliable and honest. If in doubt, ask Anton. We have complete faith in him. Why? Because he has never let us down. Isn’t that how we test people, give them some rope and see how they go. Unfortunately quite a few disappoint, leave a bad taste, but some shine like stars, leaving us wanting to know them better and we really appreciate them.

This got me thinking about Faith (not the main character in the TV drama Keeping Faith). Faith as in what we believe; or don’t. It’s complicated because we all come from different experiences and backgrounds. If it was easy, more would have it. Life is complicated! Tell me about it!

Sometimes I’ve had enough and shout “Beam me up Scotty!” That needs Faith – who exactly is Scotty and where’s he going to beam me to? Maybe I’m better hanging on here, just in case. Well as long as I can, nothing lasts forever. 

It does, it’s called eternity.

Where nothing ends, it goes on into infinity; without all the pain and heartache this life encompasses. Oh and the happiness! Let’s not forget the joy here on our tiny, spinning, polluted planet, but it won’t be spasmodic. It will be never-ending, all-encompassing love and perfect peace. Eternal light.

As you read this, some of you will be thinking “What a wally”; others “Yes, I believe.”

The worry is those who say “I don’t care.”

Anyway, if you would like a confidential chat, please do get in touch. I have a very open, broad and sympathetic mind.

Email ahrea2@yahoo.co.uk or ring 634 386 179

‘Bye for now and God bless.

Rev Andrew