The world spins on; I don’t fully understand how or why, but scientists tell me it does. Social media spins on and television news seems to spin out of control. I remember the days when it was alleged politicians relied on spin. Now my poor old head just spins. My body wobbles.

I told you about the old scooter I bought recently as reserve transport. I look at it in the garage and laugh – if my head spins on that there will be trouble!

Do you sometimes think of the days when people only got their news from newspapers? No radio, no television, certainly no social media. Were those happier days, or just ignorant bliss? Wars were announced with the heading ‘We are at WAR!’ Nowadays it would be debated backwards and forwards and in and out because the people would have all the facts … sort of.

We all have family and friends who agree with our point of view on things, and those who don’t. We agree to disagree, or used to; red lines here, red lines there. You are aware of the current main British national occupation; now until Halloween. I’m not going there; too much emotion on both sides, although Halloween seems kinda poetic …

The more we seek certainty, the more it slips away. There is no certainty in life my friends; well only one thing; the time when none of this will matter. What’s mine won’t be mine any longer. All my rubbish will be someone else’s to sort out. I remember trawling through my Dad’s stuff up in the attic. It was interesting really. He was a journalist and newspaper editor and his old cuttings (and the odd television script) made me quite proud; not of the man, but of what he achieved from a poor and disadvantaged background. As a writer, he once said to me during a joint drinking session – when honesty often rears its head – “If I am mediocre, what does that make you?” I took it as a compliment. In sobriety they rarely came.

I remember him saying when I was in my twenties with hair halfway down my back and a bushy beard “I know you believe in Jesus Christ, but do you have to go round looking like Him?!” He was an agnostic; not disbelieving, but needing certainty – proof. I guess he’s not alone there! The proof within my heart is all I need, but I can’t prove Him to a disbelieving world. It don’t work like that; anyway it’s not my job. I proclaim the message. The rest is up to Him and those seeking. We are told to think about the backstop. I am sick of thinking about it. There is a backstop in life; a red line we cannot ignore. Written in the Blood of the Lamb. Welcome …

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Rev Andrew