As I staggered blearily out of bed the other morning, the missus hit me right between the eyes. Well metaphorically speaking. “The television isn’t working and neither is the ‘fridge”. Great, just what I don’t need! I am not an optimist and I am continually waiting for stuff to go wrong. I’m the sort of guy who when a car mechanic tells me “Well, it could cost you 100 or 500” I know the result will be the higher figure. Anyway, neither of these problems cost me money. This time. A visit to our electrical shop and I was told to unplug the ‘fridge for 48 hours (it worked fine then), and the internet company fixed our internet remotely from their offices so the TV box works again.

Oh, ye of little faith. Difficulty is that my long experience of life has taught me always to look on the black side. With this outlook I can sometimes be pleasantly surprised but never disappointed. You may find yourself nodding your head in understanding, or shaking it sadly.

Faith. In what? Life, heaven, hell, people? Something or someone will always let you down. Strange things to write for a man of the cloth you may think. Cloth wears out, rips, gets lost, blows away on a windy day. “Great, thanks Rev for cheering me up! There are so many truly sad things happening in the world, in my world, that I need a bit of encouragement you miserable (unprintable) so and so…”

Well hold onto your hat. Our God reigns! Not from some distant place but right here and now, with me and with you (if we let Him). He’s stuck in the middle with us. Because He chooses to be, because His love for each one of us is so great that He has to be. He cannot deny Himself. “Yeah, go on Rev, pull the other one”. OK, we call the shots. To believe or not to believe, ay there’s the rub! (may as well chuck in a bit of Shakespeare to muddy the already murky water). 

I’d love a chat with you and we’d probably have a good laugh, cry and even solve a few problems along the way. Don’t suppose you’ve got the bottle though – oh well, I keep trying. God loves a trier; well I guess He certainly finds me very trying most of the time. Even on a good day. 

I’m always available at or on 634 386 179.

‘Bye for now and God bless

Rev Andrew