I guess you are as fed up as I am; being a prisoner when you haven’t committed a crime, but we can get ‘gate fever’ because the vaccines are here. Maybe not in Spain so much, but it will come. Soon we will be free!

OK, no mass gatherings for a while and top-up vaccines needed by the look of it (maybe forever), but we take our ‘flu vaccine every year don’t we?

I have been thinking about Lent this year. Some give up chocolate or alcohol sincerely. Maybe we should think about doing Lent 2021 by just giving up a bit of our time. God doesn’t want us to be even more miserable. He wants us to talk to Him. Perhaps don’t give up what you normally do, but think about Him and say an extra prayer or two. Some do both; give up something they enjoy and spend more time with Him. Fine. The greatest gift we can give Him is our time.

I saw a film the other day about an innocent guy who was executed by lethal injection in the States after 12 years on death row. OK, I watch comedies too, but we can’t laugh all the time. I wish! It got me thinking about a man called Jesus who knew He was on death row yet walked the walk and took His ‘punishment’; the sins of the whole world nailed into His flesh – past, present and future – executed knowing He was innocent.

Time is precious. So many famous people seem to be making their final headline – they have passed away. On earth, Jesus told it like it was. He didn’t mince His words. I get tired of hypocrisy and knives in the back, so as I go through Lent in my own way, I aim to tell it like it is; as I see it.

My funeral plan is paid in full and my family have details of where the will is, bank accounts etc. but is my passport ready? Not the red (soon blue) one that has to be renewed every ten years, but my eternal passport – the important one. The one that needs renewing every day.

Yeah, I’m feeling a bit down and I guess you feel likewise? It is time to go to the foot of the Cross, be honest and admit I’m a wretched soul who needs forgiveness and pray for hope and joy, to look beyond the things of this life and imagine the next stage of my existence. I was allowed to see a glimpse way back when I was 19 and boy it was unbelievable – perfect love and peace.

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‘Bye for now and God bless you
Rev Andrew