Do people hurt and disappoint you?

Maybe you’ve been friends for a long time and then it all comes to a sickening halt. You feel confused and don’t understand what went wrong.

Was it something I said?

Why can’t they get it together and see reason?

Perhaps even more painful is when division raises its ugly head in families.

We try to justify our point of view by saying “Oh it’s them. They always upset people. They can’t see the effect their behaviour has on others.”

That may be true, but it doesn’t help much. The question is; ‘How do we sort it out?’ Do we leave things and hope they will come round? Do we maintain a royal silence, or do we jump in and probably make matters worse?

I am only asking! You tell me.

Life is confusing. Life isn’t fair. Our best intentions get misunderstood and twisted out of all proportion. If only … hindsight is a wonderful thing. Trying to see the other person’s point of view helps. There is a saying about ‘walking a mile in someone else’s shoes’. If you are sensitive and feel deeply it is more painful.

We are all different thank God. We are all unique human beings. There never has been and never will be another me. Is that a good or a bad thing? 

Aristotle said “Know thyself”. Wow, there’s a challenge! 

Maybe these thoughts have touched you. Perhaps you are in this situation right now. Don’t despair. The human spirit is amazing. We pull through many difficult situations. History is full of wonderful examples of how people faced the seemingly impossible, small and big and made a difference by showing love, forgiveness and hope. It isn’t easy, but when stuff ‘hits the fan’, is there any other way for our own peace of mind and our own sanity.

At this point you may think “Oh yeah, this is where he starts preaching and talking about Jesus”.

All I will say is that I have a Friend who never leaves me, never rejects me, always listens, always understands and always forgives me, whatever, without conditions; a Friend who makes this sad life bearable. With open arms, He is constantly begging “Try me. Open your heart and ask me to come into your life”.

Our choice.

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‘Bye for now and God bless

Rev Andrew