Look out, pancakes flying! Duck (sounds like Peking Duck in a Chinese), or ‘Donald, duck!’ (Don’t go there! One of Donald’s bodyguards sees a gun and shouts ‘Donald, duck!’).

It’s been a funny old day, some ‘ha ha’ and some funny peculiar. Never a dull moment in my life. On Saturday I bought a cheap scooter – I have this fear of going to conduct a funeral for example and the car not starting, so reserve transport needed. I saw it advertised in Archena, drove there and bought it. I rode it home over the mountains (Jean following me in the car). Bump bump bump! I could barely stand when I got home. I haven’t ridden on two wheels for thirty-odd years and I will reach the grand old age of 72 this year … hopefully!

Mad mad mad! Yeah, but happily mad – most of the time. I had been thinking about those fishermen out all night in their boats; when they saw this guy on the shore of Lake Genesareth who said “Go out again” as they were cleaning their nets and they did and the catch was so great the boats almost sank.
What did they see in this man Jesus?
What made them, tired and disheartened, listen to Him and set out again?
When He said “I will make you fishers of men” what made them give up their business, leave their family and friends and follow Him into the unknown …?

Mad! I have concluded that people have to be ‘kinda mad’ to follow Him; to go into the unknown, leave their security in Faith.

Jean and I came to Calasparra to start a Retreat for people who need peace and refreshment in their often chaotic lives, in beautiful surroundings. Then He revealed that He wanted us to serve a congregation here. Unexpected! Nice one Boss!

Oh, not all are called for the ‘big’ stuff. I often think of St Paul being lowered down the wall of Damascus – someone had to lower the rope, otherwise he would have been killed and no wonderfully inspiring letters to read.

God knows you and He knows me. He knows what we can and can’t do – if we are willing. There are no big and small jobs in the Kingdom; just people who love Him and say ‘Yes’ when He calls.

If you want to know more, or ride on the back of my scooter, or come to our Anglican Church (Holy Communion services every Sunday at 11am), or need a priest to conduct a Funeral, Wedding Blessing or whatever, then here I am at ahrea2@yahoo.co.uk or ring 634 386 179

‘Bye for now and God bless
Rev Andrew