Hello! How are your plates spinning today? 

Ha, retirement doesn’t get any easier. There seem to be more and more plates spinning on more and more canes! This may be because I keep sticking more canes in the ground, which means more plates to spin and… oh, what the heck! Old habits die hard, with a vengeance.

Our world today is nothing if not swirling and turbulent with wind tossing us around. There is our personal situation, family and friends, plus economic meltdown, climate countdown, racial problems, political breakdown, technology showdown and religious let down. 

We are living through the breakdown and breaking open of much that defines modern life. I don’t know about you, but I often want to shout ‘Beam Me Up Scotty!’

In our latest short video, ‘chats on a park bench’, my good friend Gerry in Ireland and me are talking about filling the hole; a hole many feel in their life which nothing seems to satisfy. He calls it a heart-shaped hole. I start by talking about the song Somewhere (There’s a Place for Us) which I first came across in 1964 when P J Proby recorded it. You may remember this guy who split his pants on stage! 

There IS a place for us, we have just got to find it in all life’s confusion. It’s the place I go to, where I find perfect peace and joy, where everything makes sense; the place that fills that empty space in my heart. 

I laugh out loud when I remember going round singing Somewhere as a teenager – there was a mental hospital nearby called Whittingham and I loved singing ‘There’s a place for me, they call it Whittingham’.

Praying you find that place, not a Whittingham, but the one that fills the hole you may feel. It does exist… ‘There’s a place for me, I call it the heart of Jesus’.

Bye for now and God bless you.

Rev Andrew

Look on YouTube: chatsparkbench