There’s no justice! Do you ever say that out loud or think it? You may remember the recent outcome of the postmasters’ and mistresses’ two decade-long debacle with the Post Office over allegations of fraud and theft following the failure of their Horizon software. This new software had apparently shown cash shortages in their accounts. Some reluctantly agreed to plead guilty to false accounting to avoid going to prison if convicted of theft. Loss of employment, divorce, being shunned by their communities and loss of their homes were the result of this injustice. Some even went to prison.

I remember years ago in the UK that my local post office suddenly closed down. It seemed a thriving business with several staff and it sold a range of stock. My thought was “I wonder if they’ve been on the take.” Later another post office emerged with new premises and staff. Now after years of fighting, names have been cleared. A bit late and the personal and professional damage caused cannot be undone.

I was annoyed to see that ITV had withdrawn the final episode of the drama Viewpoint after there were newspaper accusations against the leading man. I had watched it all week and was looking forward to the final episode. Many others probably felt the same. What happened to “Innocent until proven guilty”? Unjust.


Some agree they have received justice in life. Others are still battling on. Many have given up.

The truth is we will never find perfect justice in this dark corrupt world; only pockets here and there. That’s why I have hope in a just and loving God who offers true peace; who sets us free from all our fears; shines a light in our darkness.

People let us down, disappoint and criticise. I have never been let down by my Heavenly Father. He is the opposite of all that is hopeless in this world. He wants to reassure and raise up just as He did when Christ lay in the tomb. His justice is perfect.

Oh, you can scoff and mock, or you can accept the truth. Our choice is freely given and free to receive.

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‘Bye for now and God bless you

Rev Andrew