Hey, I’m getting pretty good at doing virtual stuff on Zoom. I have progressed from simply doing virtual weekly services to producing videos. By the time lockdown is finally over I’ll be a real pro. I did a video for The Olive Grove Retreat to encourage folk in these difficult times, with my wife Jean and our good friend Gerry who lives in Ireland. Gerry comes over (or did!) to his place in Camposol and comes to Calasparra to see us. We talk about the Retreat and make plans.

Gerry was a Franciscan brother. Then he got married and that kinda knocked his monastic life on the head! Anyway, we made what I think is a brill video. It took three days of rehearsal and retakes, but we got there in the end. It has now reached thousands and got some positive comments, except a dear lady who wrote a scathing post: “B******* to your ‘god’. It doesn’t exist.”

Being a tough, very broadminded old so and so (and military chaplain), I had to resist the temptation to reply in a similar vein. Of course I replied that I am sorry she feels like that; many people do, but we must respect different points of view. Actually I felt very sad; not just that she clearly needs to improve her English grammar, but how bitter and entrenched she seems. Most people just ignore Christianity, but have sufficient respect not to openly abuse Deity. After all, if you are not completely certain about whether God exists or not, why abuse Him just in case He does!

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‘Bye for now and God bless

Rev Andrew