Hello! I was leading our weekly Zoom Bible discussion recently and we were talking about the Holy Spirit. A lady from Canada said something that kind of stopped us all in our tracks. She said the tingling we experience from the Holy Spirit is like an orgasm! Well, when I think about this it does ring true. God created us and wants us to have pleasure (though life hits us with deep sorrow as well). People describe the tingling of the Holy Spirit as he (or she. I hate the term ‘it’) leads us. We talked about the gift of discernment, trying to understand what is ‘of God’ and what is not; how we can grow in knowing more of the work of the Holy Spirit (if we want to). This set me off thinking about writing a new book ‘The Orgasmic God’. That should blow some minds!

My latest book ‘Sacred Memoirs of a Retired Failure’ should be published in a few weeks. It is a novel about a man who was recently widowed after 36 years of marriage and faces retirement. He is lonely and confused. He questions his past employment and feels a failure and guess what! The hero is a retired vicar! Through his ongoing struggles, he eventually finds purpose and meaning in his retirement.

Life can be a struggle. The Holy Spirit is so important; the powerhouse of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I question why many churches do not talk much about or teach on the Holy Spirit. In our meeting a most interesting comment came up – because church leaders do not understand or feel him/her, so cannot help others. They hide behind the thought that congregations are not capable of understanding. I’m still processing this information, with anger and deep sadness because I feel regrettably it is true. It is a shame that the Holy Spirit tends to be an afterthought for many Christians. We tend, I’m afraid, to simply go through the motions. We formally believe, but honestly there isn’t much fire to it. There isn’t much conviction. There isn’t much service. We just sort of believe. 

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Rev Andrew