How are you doing? It’s a sincere question; none of this mumbling “Are you OK?” and slinking away without listening to the answer. Heaven forbid! Someone might answer “Actually, not very well at the moment.” We have stock phrases for human interaction, or we did before social distancing came in.

Maybe you are fed up. People tell me they can’t watch the news anymore, as there is too much trouble everywhere. As if this virus isn’t enough! Everyone has an opinion about everything. Some remain silent, others mouth off here and there, foisting their opinion on others. Social media allows, within reason, people to give their point of view.

I am left with the groaning thought “WHO CARES!” Mainly when I don’t agree with a point of view I look at humanity and think “We’re lost!” Nothing new there! We’ve been lost from the dawn of time. We’ve always been lost. Left to our own devices we cannot live in peace. That’s why God sent His Son Jesus; to show us the way, the way in this life and the way to eternal life, but many won’t accept His gift. They know better! Well, we all have freedom of choice. Maybe that’s the main problem! Churches have not always helped and many have been put off and see no point in joining an exclusive club who don’t practice what they preach.

So here we are! Time for an ad. My autobiography Holy Inadequate comes out on 1st September and can be pre-ordered now from the links below. My struggle with faith and churches in 4 countries, it is written in a humorous way, trying to address questions people are concerned about. Please do pre-order a copy, as I have vast publishing costs to recoup!! Nothing’s free in life … honesty is always the best policy!

Stay safe and take care. I am always available if you need a confidential chat, about anything:

Tel 634 386 179

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‘Bye for now and God bless

Rev Andrew